Tweeter-In-Chief: Presidency Recap (5th Month)

By Darrell Roberts 

President Trump has sent lots of tweets.  The best tweets.  Nobody tweets better than he does.

REMINDER: This is only a small sampling to recap the Trump Presidency based on tweets.  One must remember that these tweets are an official record that will be forever a part of the President’s historical legacy.  Therefore, all those who consider themselves politically knowledgeable should include reviewing the President’s tweets on a routine basis.


Trump In Tweets from May 20, 2017, to June 20, 2017

One- A-Wee We Go:

How can “fabricated lies” be leaks?  Would that not just make them lies?   The dictionary defines a leak as disclosing  secret, especially official, information anonymouslyas to the news media.  

PS, the shared dictionary also includes an idiom definition that President Trump may enjoy (allegedly).  PPS, an idiom is not an insult on one’s intellect, Mr. President.  #WordDefinitionsMatter 

To celebrate this topic, let’s celebrate in song.  Everyone remembers this childhood favorite, right?  The one that goes, “When you’re a kid, and you wanna go WEE…” #SorryNotSorry #DoNotWishToPissOnYourParade  

Two- Two Birds-One Stone:

As a public service to ensure people remember the truth while also exposing “fake” news–a Fox News clip on Trump’s promise to “Repeal & Replace on Day 1.”  A second video is included just for fun.  This video celebrates Senator McCain ending the latest replacement efforts while crushing the childhood dreams of both Trump and McConnell–Stone Cold Steve Austin style.

Three- #WordsStillMatter:

Ahead of schedule?  Months have passed, and rich folks are still waiting for their Bigly tax breaks.  Which begs the question, is Trump writing this bill himself?  If so, please ensure not to upset him.  Provide him with the best crayons…but please oversee the deportation of all the brown ones beforehand.

Four- Put-In Your Place:

Finally!  President Trump is right, well–half right.  The Russians are laughing.  In fact, video evidence exists to prove it.  In this clip, Russian Minister Lavrov laughs about the firing of James Comey.  Was this before or after Trump shared top-secret information to the same fellow?  Furthermore, if one were to read the “Trump/Russia: Follow the $$$” series they would learn that Russia likes Trump, and Trump likes Russia.

Five- But…Hillary:

So speaketh the man that never admits to being wrong.  If the only defense one has is to attack Hillary Clinton or President Obama then the excuse is both sad and weak.  However,  what was the recent news on Russia and Facebook again?  It had something to do with the Russians paying Facebook to wage a propaganda assault.  That story is still developing, but there was also news that Russia was able to organize anti-immigration and anti-Muslim rallies too.  Hmm.  Perhaps, these are topics of exploration for my future written works.

As for Hillary Clinton, she still has not responded to my letter.  #LetsDoThis

Six- See Number Five:

Remember the time that General McMaster determined that Susan Rice did nothing wrong in regards to unmasking?  Shortly after, Russian bots would mount an attack against McMaster.  Of course, many conservative outlets would begin to push the same anti-McMaster narrative.  Oh. Then, there is the news that the Department of Justice had to issue a statement saying the accusations Trump made against Obama are not true.

Seven- Takes One to Know One:

Speaking of false statement and lies, check out this Toronto Star article titled: All 576 False Claims Donald Trump has made as President.  Total vindication?  What is Mueller’s team still working on then?  One can assume they are not working on world peace as that is Jared Kushner’s job.

And Trump seems weirdly excited to believe Comey is a leaker.   From earlier, WEE.

Eight- Takes One to Know One:

Fake news from Trump is old news.  At this point, sounds like, “blah, blah, blah.”  However, the “agenda of hate” is ironic, don’t ya’ think?  It’s not the media that keeps saying white nationalists and Nazis are not all bad people.

Nine- You First:

Just a hunch, but Trump’s letter of apology might be with found with that “real” Obama birth certificate.  As for my apology, my stance using a President Trump quote:

“I fully think apologizing is a great thing,” said Mr. Trump before winning the studio audience’s applause by adding: “But you have to be WRONG. … I will absolutely apologize sometime in the hopefully distant future if I’m ever wrong.”

And to Trump and his most adamant admirers, my words using a previous Trump tweet:

“Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure; it’s not your fault.”

Ten- #WordsStillMatter:

Phony collusion with the Russians?  Just spitballing, but would meeting with Russians to acquire dirt on a political enemy be considered phony?  As some may recall, Trump does not think Bill Clinton’s runway meeting with Loretta Lynch was innocent…now did he?  Is not an intentional meeting with Russians to acquire dirt not far worse?  Go on; we’ll wait to laugh at those trying to justify the Jr. meeting.

What about the additional disclosures (since this June tweet) of Trump (and those in his camp) to their involvement with Russia(ns)?

More importantly, why have all those incidences been denied, lied about, or forgotten?  Many of us are not lawyers, but so far collusion and obstruction of justice sure do not look like phony charges.  However, even if one were to ignore prior revelations, does anyone believe that the last (or biggest) Trump/Russia disclosure is not still to come?


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