The Hypocrisy of MAGA



By Leisa Sabasta

Regardless of where you sit politically, it is understood that the opportunity to live the American dream is non-existent without the availability of jobs at a liveable wage. A president has a duty of care to act in the best interest of all people. To use his power and influence to create a country that is abundant with opportunities for all to live a better life.

Like all candidates, Trump ran his campaign on many promises. Many totally unrealistic and some just outright preposterous.  However, one of his of promises was something we as a people and a country as a whole, expect our president to deliver on regardless of political party.  Job creation with better pay. Trump knew that, so he took the job creation ideology and injected it with steroids because nobody offers grandiose promises like him.

He pledged to rebuild the nation using “American hands and American labor. He furthered the promise with rhetoric about penalizing companies who manufacture outside the U.S.

So what exactly is Trump doing to back up these grandiose promises? To punish these companies who manufacture outside of the U.S.? What is he doing to “Make America Great Again”?  That is the multi-billion dollar question because it doesn’t start with him, his family or his White House.  He certainly isn’t filling the 450+ jobs in the White House that sit empty.  Americans aren’t getting those more than livable wage paying jobs. The construction of the Keystone and Dakota Access Pipelines was sold on the claim that it would create tens of thousands of jobs, but fewer than 100 of those jobs will exist once the construction is complete.  

Trump has pledged to oppose the overseas manufacturing of U.S. products. At a Republican nominee debate in Detroit, he promised audiences, “I’m going to bring jobs back to the United States like no one else can.” The Trump Label isn’t moving its manufacturing operation back to the U.S. nor using American hands. It’s made abroad, in foreign countries like China,  Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Mexico and there’s chatter of Ivanka’s footwear business moving into Ethiopia where wages are the lowest anywhere.

The Washington Post released a complete list recently, of Trump merchandise NOT made in America and it included the following:

  • Donald Trump Eyeglasses
  • Donald Trump Vodka
  • Donald Trump Hats 
  • Donald Trump Ties 
  • Donald Trump Suits
  • Donald Trump Dress Shirts
  • Donald Trump Chandeliers
  • Donald Trump Throw Blankets
  • Ivanka Trump Apparel
  • Ivanka Trump Shoes

Trump has spoken openly about the fact that many of his goods are imported but has offered no real plan to rectify that practice to fall in line with his “buy American, hire American” rhetoric.

The gift shop in Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C is filled with Trump merchandise made in Peru, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, and Vietnam.

It was reported that Ivanka Trump imported 53 metric tons of Chinese goods during her father’s “Buy American Hire American” speech.  A statement in trade publication Footwear News by a business affiliate of Xuankai Footwear Ltd has produced over 130,000 pounds of Ivanka shoes. Workers at the factory alleged systematic malpractice at the factory, including underpayment for overtime hours and the withholding of wage payments. “I couldn’t bear it anymore,” said a former worker called Tian, who complained of only being able to sleep six hours a night. “It’s a garbage factory,” said another ex-employee. Entry-level workers earned, on average, 3,000 yuan ($436) a month. Ivanka also supports ending the Obama era equal pay initiative.  Quite the hypocrite for a woman who has made equal pay for women a core part of her campaign. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 

Donald Trump makes speeches about how making America great again is his priority. I don’t see that happening,  I see him in a new scandal almost daily. I see him golfing, flying to his resorts and vacationing. He hasn’t passed one piece of legislation. He hasn’t created any jobs, he can’t even fill the existent empty ones in the White House. The only relation between companies that have created jobs and Trump is that they were created while he is in office, that it. They are not the result of a diligent president working hard to negotiate deals that are good for the people and that includes the people who voted for him. 

When profit is the only concern, corruption and exploitation are inevitable When companies manufacture abroad with absolute impunity there is no way to be held accountable for the human rights abuses they are complicit in. This Administration is NOT making anything great except their own portfolios and bank accounts. America is being pilfered by the wealthiest in the country and they are sitting in our White House with the power to change all the rules that were created to protect this from happening. Instead, they are working to protect their own interest. They have no regard for the well-being of the rest of the people, they aren’t going to spread the wealth they work so hard to take from us in the first place.

When the government turns its back on the people for their own enrichment,  we have become a country no longer fit to lead the free world.

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