Trump’s Tweets About London Bombing: The British Aren’t Happy

By Jason Taylor

Seriously, are any of Donald Trump’s speculations or statements helpful?

His supporters might find him entertaining, but world leaders do not see him as anything but inappropriate. The man cannot separate himself from a TV reality show and world reality — which is not a show. And Americans, all Americans, pay the embarrassing ramifications. Been to Europe lately? The first question they ask is about Donald Trump’s inappropriateness, in so many ways. Let’s just say, the man is not admired and his abilities are widely questioned.

For someone who professes to respect the rule of law, this president has a way of trampling all over police investigating procedures in the wake of crimes and wrongdoing. Speaking without thinking has been a hallmark of the president’s approach to governing and his legislative proposals, which may explain why he has yet to accomplish anything worthwhile as Chief Executive.

His “so much winning” approach is not appreciated by foreign governments and police agencies charged with crime solving. He may know more than his generals about military matters but “he alone” could do untold damage to the London police force and Scotland Yard’s ongoing investigation into what could be a terrorist attack.

Thank you right wing conservatives, for electing Mr. Trump to represent our nation to all the world. You facilitated the Russians violation of our 2016 election, and you fight all investigations to understand how extensive the cyber-war attacks were in 2016, and how prepared the Russians are today to violating further elections. Thanks to all the right-wing radio hosts, our closest allies are appalled that many Americans would vote for an individual with significant mental health issues.

No matter what happens: hurricane, train bombing, you name it, Trump finds a way to make the story about Trump. His need for attention is an abyss that can never be filled. The man is mentally unwell.

We are so sorry England. What an embarrassing destructive catastrophe this man is. The majority of the American people are appalled and horrified with this administration. Know that you have their complete support! If in our darkest nightmare, our system of “checks and balances” doesn’t work anymore, will England accept American refugees?

P.S. We would assimilate easily because we already speak your native language…sort of.


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