Trump’s Boy: Jeff Sessions Will Take One More And Like It

By Jason Taylor

What really amazes me about this is that if Sessions hadn’t recused himself the investigation would always be tainted by that fact. If were concluded that no wrongdoing occurred Trump’s opponents could always just point to the fact that the investigation was being controlled by a potential subject. So recusing himself was really the best move Sessions could have made for Trump.

Sessions should have realized when he took up with Trump on the campaign trail that a day like the one in the Oval Office might take place. Trump expects complete loyalty but gives none. What do you get when you couple a politician from Alabama, who has a steady, calm, soft spoken persona, with a cutthroat New Yorker, real estate developer with absolutely no moral compass? “Oil and water”.

Sessions will never see another good day as AG. Trump will wheel and deal with anyone on any subject just because he can. He likely has 10 times the respect for Pelosi and Schumer because he sees them as tough negotiators, strong minded, willing to “deal” and, they can hold their caucuses together with an “iron fist”.

Sessions feelings are hurt. Maybe Sessions should consider all the hurt feelings of families where a young black man is sent to jail for a bag of marijuana. Or a lengthy sentence for a small crime. Sessions is a millionaire with federal and state pensions fit for a king. And free health care. Sessions can shut his mouth and keep on being a lap dog for the Republicans. That’s all he has ever been.

Mr. Sessions said the demeaning way the president addressed him was the most humiliating experience in decades of public life? Bless his heart — he accepted the job, and he knew (or should have known) what he was signing up for. But let’s consider the demeaning way Mr. Trump has repeatedly addressed his own predecessor, President Obama. Not to mention women, Democrats, African-Americans, the LGBT community, immigrant community, Muslims, heads of foreign governments, the American public at large … For Pete’s sake, the list is endless.

If anyone were so foolish as to be moved to sympathy for Sessions, remember that he is a vile little populist bigot and opportunist who attached himself like a remora to what he thought was a bigger shark. His shark, though, is an utterly irrational fool, with neither knowledge, sense, decency, intellect, or (certainly) loyalty. Sessions deserve whatever humiliation, disgrace, and historical obloquy comes his way, for nothing other than those will ever emerge from this fraud of a president. Or as my Brooklyn mother said, “Johnny, when you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas.” Sessions richly deserve his fleas.

Trump can never see that he himself is the real cause of his problems. If he had not fired Comey, with the advice of his greatly inexperienced son-in-law, there would not have been a special counsel. But Trump cannot accept that he does anything wrong so he has to incessantly blame someone or everyone else for his own mistakes. What a child we have in the Oval Office.

Humiliating Sessions is quite the feat. After all, Jeff Sessions has already been stuck with being Jeff Sessions for an entire lifetime. I would think that to be humiliation defined.

As a good old southern boy, he should know a Yankee con man cannot be trusted.
As a Yankee con man, Trump should know Yankees shouldn’t trust good old boys.
They deserve each other. Too bad the nation has to suffer either of them.

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