Trump Pivots From MAGA To DACA: Thanks, Nancy & Chuck

By Jason Taylor

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer played their weak hand expertly. By announcing the deal yesterday, they immediately put Trump on the defensive from his base who now fears his commitment to right wing insanity, forced Trump to at least feign that he doesn’t want to deport the Dreamers, putting additional pressure on Paul Ryan and Congress to figure out a legislative solution, and showed Trump that they will hold him to his words if he tries to work with them. Oh, and distracted everybody from tax cuts and kept the Democratic agenda front and center.

Trump’s finished, and won’t be reelected. The Great Wall was the reason he won. He won because it looked like he was going to be the first modern president to actually have the moral courage to do what was necessary to stop the millions of people south of our border who seem to believe they have some inalienable right to come here in search of a bigger paycheck without complying with the laws of our nation. The poisonous compact between the rapacious masters of capitalism who want the cheapest labor possible and the blue-state bleeding hearts for whom signaling virtue and treating “deplorable” working poor Americans with a combination of neglect and contempt are defining features (i.e., “oppressed” foreign masses > “privileged” American poor) triumphs again. It was a predictable outcome, and the millions of us who hoped against hope should have known better.

Trump is positioning himself to work with anyone who can get things done — that’s the ticket he ran on. Watch how he will swivel on Healthcare, bringing in some form of ‘single payer’ with his name on it, with a mix of Democratic and center Republican support. This more than anything will assure his place in the history books and give him a shot at a second term. I did not support Trump but he is a strategic thinker, an effective businessman, and he wants results. He has an instinct for which way the wind is blowing, and he knows that people can be sold anything if you package it right. Watch how he packages the changes he’s making and watch his base buy into it.

I wish these Republican representatives and senators got at least as upset at Trump’s agents meeting with Russian operatives as they get at the thought of him reaching across the aisle to Democrats, who are actually fellow citizens of this country with common interests. What is wrong with people in this country that they think it’s a sin to try to work together for a common good? I loathe Trump, but if he is willing to work with both parties to get something done, then there is nothing wrong with trying to meet with him and with Republican legislators.

The whipsawing insanity of Trump’s policies is entertaining, but still, produces plenty of nausea. Luckily by this time I disbelieve everything he says, so I don’t get as carried away by his pronouncements. Like in the DACA case, first he basically said he wanted to do away with it, and Sessions gleefully leaped to do so. Then he said Congress had to make it a permanent law. Then he said he’d revisit it. Now he’s saying, who on earth would want to get rid of DACA?

So just keep in mind that he lies all the time, he has no strict policies, and whatever he says has no real meaning until something is actually done about it. He’s a worthless, incompetent fool, and it’s best not to pay too much attention to his contradictory, attention-seeking pronouncements.

The Democrats better be careful when the details of this are negotiated. Money for border security, like repairing existing fences, is fine, but nothing in this bill should allow him to divert money to build a wall. Sounds like he did actually cave to what Schumer & Pelosi wanted, which is protection for DACA kids without money for a new wall. So, what was Trump’s point in all this? I assumed he was willing to use DACA kids as a pawn in exchange for a wall, but I guess he realized that wasn’t popular, and he’s more worried about his poll numbers than pleasing his base. Maybe having a narcissist in office will actually allow Democrats to get what they want from him most of the time. But since lying comes as naturally to him as breathing, I’ll only believe it when I see a signed bill without money for a wall.

Trump is all over the place. The guy can’t focus, can’t make decisions, can’t follow through when he actually does make a decision and ultimately can’t be relied upon. He also lies constantly. With trump in office, dangerous times call for desperate measures. It’s time to mobilize. The GOP refuses to keep trump in check so we need to rely on Democrats to do it. The only thing that’ll rein in this destructive trump administration is a decisive midterm defeat of the GOP in Congress in 2018. Dems need to stop bickering and blaming one another for past election losses. For the sake of our country’s future, we all need to vote for the Democrat in the field regardless. The lack of unity among Democrats (among other things) helped put trump in office. The only thing that’ll curb his and his family’s abusive powers is voting for Democrats across the board in 2018.

Trump changed his mind – again. But this is a misstatement. All he has done is what he has done his whole life. Makes an utterance about a topic while not caring if it is the truth or a lie. The utterance merely serves to get him through the moment with the people he is with and aimed to increase the worth of the Trump brand – his lifelong raison d’etre. Later, with a new audience and a new moment, he applies the same tactic. Truth or lie? It doesn’t matter because the cycle can go on and on. After all the lies, how we can possibly take ANYTHING uttered from him as truthful or an indication of his true convictions?

Yes, those of you who voted for Trump should have known better. You should have looked at the abundance of evidence that his word is not worth a thing. You should have figured that if he cheated his partners and contractors, he’d cheat you.

But you were so blinded by the propaganda from Russia and from years of denigration by the Republicans that you actually believed, and probably still believe today, that Hillary was more crooked than Donald.

And now we’re all paying for your unthinking prejudice.


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