Is Trump Willing To Make A Deal On Taxes With Democrats?

By Jason Taylor

President Trump said many many times before he was elected that he already had a tax plan ready to go that would be beautiful for the middle class and produce unbelievable growth. Where is that tax plan? I guess he is hiding it in the same place that he is stashing the plan to have Mexico pay for the wall and the plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days. Must be a beautiful hiding place. Probably the best hiding place ever.

Somehow, we’ve got to wean the rich from their dependence on government handouts. I would propose that billionaires be required to undergo mandatory drug testing before they receive any tax breaks or financial incentives. They should also be required to show that they are actively looking for a job that will allow them to become independent. We should place a lifetime cap on handouts — a billionaire can receive a maximum of 3-year handouts in a lifetime and they are cut off and have to go it on their own. The current situation is undermining the incentives for the rich to achieve financial independence.

We could use the savings to fund “trickle up” economics. If we were to use the funds that are currently supporting the rich to instead support the poor and help them find homes and earn a living wage, the money will “trickle up”. They will buy things, pay for services, etc. and the money will eventually find its way to the billionaire’s pockets, eliminating their need to keep seeking government support.

Republicans haven’t had any new ideas since they enacted “voodoo economics” under the sainted Ronald Reagan. Ever since, their solution to every problem has involved cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans, at the expense and sacrifice of the least wealthy Americans (in the name of “the Deficit”). Never mind that after 30-plus years, the trickle-down has never happened. Republicans keep promising it as they do everything they can to transfer the nation’s wealth to their wealthy donors.

Thus, the Republican “replacement” for Obamacare they’ve been promising for seven years turned out to be a tax cut for the wealthy and a special tax break for insurance company CEOs, funded by condemning 32 million people to misery and death from lack of health care. It’s now undeniable that Republicans are intellectually and morally bankrupt. They have no ideas other than cutting taxes for wealthy donors and have nothing to offer 99.9% of Americans beyond lies, hate, and empty promises.

When Ryan and McConnell finally do unveil their “tax reform,” we can be certain it will be more of the same “voodoo economics,” as they don’t know anything else: Tax cuts for wealthy persons (corporate and human), sacrifice for the non-wealthy, and fake promises of trickle-down growth. The rising tide raises the biggest yachts to ever higher altitudes, but its waters continually inundate and sweep away the eroding middle class while smashing the humblest rafts and dinghies to desperate splinters.

Trump once again displays his brilliance. He states that because of the huge costs that will be incurred due to the two “Greatest” hurricanes in history now is the perfect time for huge tax cuts. Who picks up the tab when 45 goes out for dinner? Does Trump ever pay for anything?

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