Mitt Finally Goes To Washington?

By John Thorsson

Between Ted Cruz’s porngate on Twitter (Twitter was priceless over that today, by the way) and the news that President Trump’s actions on DACA will not involve the wall he wants to build, one of the more interesting and important news stories of the day was forced to take a back seat.

Yesterday I wrote an article detailing how and why the Trump administration could potentially be extremely damaging to the Republican Party come the midterms next fall. Sure enough today, there was some good news on that front. If it proves to be true, that is. Former Republican governor and Republican nominee for president, Mitt Romney is seriously contemplating throwing his hat in the ring for the Senate seat that’s currently occupied by Orrin Hatch. Now, all of this is predicated on Hatch needing to retire before Romney can officially run for the seat.

Now, I believe Mr. Romney to be one of the most decent, intelligent, honest, and hardest-working politicians around. I had the great pleasure of meeting him twice during the 2012 campaign during the Illinois primary that year. Once at a meet-and-greet breakfast, and again at his victory party on the night of the primary. I had been a supporter of his in 2008, and in 2012 I felt that the country needed a man of his expertise. Just go back and look at what he accomplished during his time as the governor of Massachusetts.

  • When he took over, the economy in Massachusetts was terrible, with an unemployment rate of almost 6% when he took office. He was able to get that down to 4.5%.
  • He entered office facing a daunting $3 billion dollar budget deficit, and left office with a $2 billion dollar rainy-day fund. That’s a swing of $5 billion dollars! When’s the last time we saw something like that in Washington? Probably the 1990’s.
  • He found a way to get healthcare to the people of his state. I realize that conservatives will shout that it was the precursor to Obamacare, but there are some key differences. First of all, what Romney proposed was for his state. It was never meant as a one size fits all states solution. Also, as the 10th amendment in the Constitution states: “The powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” So he was well within his Constitutional powers to try and provide healthcare to the people of his state, and he succeeded at doing it.

You can look at his time at Bain Capital, and how he built that company into a success after giving away the money his father had given him and starting over from the bottom. Or look at how he was called in to fix the Salt Lake City Olympic Games after they’d been rocked by scandal. Put simply, the man has the golden touch. I felt so strongly about his abilities to lead this country, that in 2012, I was in line at my polling station an hour before they opened, just so I could be the first person in the state of Illinois to vote for Romney/Ryan. I felt that the man and the moment crossed paths so perfectly, that there was no possible way that he could lose. Suffice it to say, I was mistaken. As history shows, Obama obviously won a second term and I was left shaking my head at what could have been.

But now, an opportunity has presented itself for Mitt to finally, maybe get to Washington D.C. Things will be different, of course. He’ll have to fight in the rats nest that is the Senate, there’s no guarantee that any piece of legislation he puts his name to will actually be signed into law. But you know what? I don’t care. We need more decent politicians in D.C. We need people who actually want to get things done, even if it means compromising on some things. We need people to do what Reagan did constantly; get half of what you want now, and come back for the other half later.

This is wonderful news, as he would surely hold on to Hatch’s seat in Utah and save the Republicans from possibly having to expand the map further than they otherwise might have to. With the specter of Donald Trump hanging over Republicans, we really don’t know how far the map is going to be expanded. It’s unlikely that the Democratic Party could put up much of a fight in Utah, but after how 2016 played out, I’m willing to suspend all previous political beliefs I had on how elections work until shown I’m shown otherwise.

I firmly believe that this country needed Mitt in 2012, but as it turns out, we just may get him in 2018. If not in a slightly different position.

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