Mexican Earthquake Update

By Tiffany Rodgers

With the back to back devastating hurricanes, Mexico’s own disasters have taken a back seat in the news. Mexico was hit with a very large 8.2 earthquake and its own hurricane named Katia. The death toll has risen to 95 since they’ve been hit.

After Harvey hit Houston, before Mexico’s own disasters, they pledged to send aid. Unfortunately, due to the enormity of their situation, they had to rescind that offer. It is absolutely understandable. If anyone says otherwise they must lack human empathy.

A plethora of folks in Mexico have lost everything. This was the largest earthquake that has hit Mexico in 100 years.

With Mexico aiding us in the past, one would expect the US President to at least send condolences. Not Trump.

Luckily, Trump isn’t the only one in the White House. The State Department has sent its condolences and offers to send aid.

Mexico has declared three days of mourning to honor those that have died.

Mexico is still currently being hit by aftershocks. Unfortunately, they are quite sizeable aftershocks.

Mexico please know that most Americans are sending good vibes your way. We hope and pray that the aid sent your way will be able to actually reach your victims. Also, we apologize for Trump’s lack of response and caring. He does not speak for the majority of Americans. Mexico you can and will pull through this.

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