Could The Rise Of Trumpism Create A Viable Third Party?

By Jason Taylor

The Republican split and likelihood of a third party strikes me as overblown because first and foremost the Republicans are now a reactionary party driven by hatred of government, non-whites, and regulation. The Freedom Caucus and Republican leadership can fight all they want in conger, but as soon as they are running against any candidate that is in favor of say, environmental protections, or is not caucasian, etc. they will come together to fight mightily against modernity and pluralism.

I don’t like this trend of normalizing Steve Bannon. This is what happened with Trump. The more coverage the more people believe he has something of value. Be careful what you wish for Media. Steve Bannon is just another crackpot drunk with power. Literally.

What Trump leveraged to win the presidency was the festering feeling that Washington doesn’t support the little guy. That was also Bernie Sander’s message. Both hit the nail on the head. But Trump is so inept at governing and building a coalition with anyone in Congress that he is not leveraging this nationwide discontent to build a sustainable movement. Instead, his movement is all about Making Trump Great Again.

If a new party emerges, it will build around this discontent. It will cross traditional liberal and conservative boundaries to draw in the large percentage of middle-class Americans for whom the government doesn’t work. A competent politician could ride this wave to victory and dominance. There are so many people who feel this way. They might just set aside their ideological differences on guns, abortion, etc. to get decent health care, a fair tax system, better schools, and modernized infrastructure.

Kellyanne Conway is a paid liar. Bannon is a creature who lives under the bridge; his big issue is that Trump formed a government, of sorts, instead of serving as a dictator. The Republicans have every reason to be concerned. They’ve genuflected for years to the extremists in their midst, and now the Extremist in Chief panders to white supremacists and has no clue how to be president. The Republican Party deserves every bit of shame and shunning that’s coming to it.

The Trump Party is going to happen. Bannon’s departure was the first move.

Trump cares about one thing and one thing only, Donald J. Trump. He co opted the Republican Party just like he would get others to put up the money for his projects. The more risk he can transfer to others, the greater his chances for profit. Trump is well into his demolition of the GOP. He tried to go establishment as stated by Bannon, and he has had enough. Trump wants to deal. He wants to call the shots. He has no allegiance to anyone but himself. In a way, I don’t blame him. The GOP can only unify to tear down. They can’t create anything. The party of no has become the party of do nothings.

Even if Trump is impeached or forced to resign, he will make himself the head of the Trump Party. He will do it for the spite as well as the adulation. Trump doesn’t need Fox News. He can start the Trump Network and go online. He has a lock on 30% of the voters who hang on his every word. That’s a lot of eyeballs to sell to advertisers. That could allow him to move to cable rather quickly. Trump wins either way. He stays and wreaks havoc or he starts his own party and wreaks havoc.

This makes Trump seem like a brilliant tactician rather than malignant narcissist
casting about for a dopamine hit where ever he can find one. The only kind of party you form around trump is a totalitarian one.

Jettisoning die-hard Trumpers, tea partiers and racists would allow for the emergence of the saner (and in the long-term, stronger) center-right Republican Party that this nation so desperately needs. If the Democratic Party simultaneously excises the Bernie Bros and their far-left comrades, we might again, some day, see a functioning government in Washington.


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