Irma Continues Hammering Florida

By Tiffany Rodgers

Before daybreak Monday morning, Hurricane Irma was still showing her fury. Irma was downgraded to a category 1 as it moved into Northern Florida. Even though it was downgraded, she is still a dangerous and enormous storm.

Since there are more than 4 million people without power, it is difficult to see the damage that Irma has caused thus far. Since the storm is still very active, the power companies do not know when they will be able to get the power back on. It is a waiting game right now.

Miami International Airport will remain closed for September 11, 2017. In addition, Disney will remain closed, only its 6th time in the history of the theme park.

One of the main issues here with Irma is the flooding and wind. Some of Miami’s streets turned into rivers of rushing water yesterday. Miami was not even directly hit by the eye of the hurricane.

The wind was so strong, it snapped this crane in downtown Miami. Due to Irma’s continued activity,  a curfew is still in effect for a Miami and a few other southern Florida cities.

As the sun rises and Irma continues up and out of Florida, the devastation will become apparent. Unfortunately, Irma is not finished yet. She continues her path of wrath. Irma is heading North of Florida. Some schools in Alabama are already closing in response to Irma.

As we begin to assess the damage; we must remember those that were hit by Irma first. Everyone that Irma has impacted is in our thoughts and prayers. We will continue updates as new information becomes available.

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