Discovery Day: Irma’s destructive path of wrath

By Tiffany Rodgers

Hurricane Irma hasn’t even dissipated yet. Irma has finally been downgraded to a tropical storm. She truly is the storm that won’t quit. She just keeps pounding everyone in her path.

Irma is a multiple record breaking storm. She meant business. Here are a few staggering records that Irma crushed.

  • Irma’s top wind speed was 185mph and she held that for 37 hours in total. This is the longest period at this speed for any cyclone on record worldwide.
  • Irma is tied with the 1932 Cuba hurricane for the longest time spent as a Category 5 hurricane.
  • Hurricane Irma was the first category five hurricane to hit Cuba since 1924.
  • Irma is the strongest storm on record to exist in the Atlantic, outside of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.
  • It’s the first time in recorded history that there were two hurricanes with winds of at least 150 miles per hour in the Atlantic at the same time.

The record breaking list could go on and on. Irma was/is truly a storm of apocalyptic magnitude. Let’s take a look at some of the heartbreaking pictures of the destruction Irma has spread along her path.

Puerto Rico:

Even though Puerto Rico was spared a direct hit, they still felt Irma’s fury. Their economy really cannot handle this kind of devastation.


Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, more pictures emerge.

The islands of the Caribbean got hit hard. Some islands are simply just unhabitable. Food is running out. The situation continues to be dire for those on these islands.


Cuba took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma. Due to this, they got pounded really well.

The devastation that Cuba received is unearthly.

There is only a limited amount of photos from some of these places, unlike the following stop.


Due to the width and strength of Irma, all of Florida got some sort of damage. However, some cities were hit harder and longer than others.

These are just a handful of the pictures of Irma’s destructive path. Lots of folks will be displaced for a while during the cleanup and rebuild phase. Irma was a beast that showed no mercy. We Americans, however, will show our sympathy through payers, volunteering, and donating. Irma will not be the last chapter of the places that she hit.

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