Chuck Schumer Owns Trump

By Jason Taylor

Chuck Schumer is old school politics. Something we may have forgotten about with the loss of Senator Ted Kennedy and his ilk. This is not a bad thing. Laws were made, the Congress legislated. It did its job. Some of the electorate on both sides of the aisle may view this as “compromising one’s soul.” I believe this is the wrong philosophy. Legislating is about compromise and negotiation. A good policy is neither 100% skewed to the left or right nor is it going to help 100% of the population. But…it is going to help as best it can in an imperfect world made up of imperfect people. I guess what I am trying to say is that we all need to be a little more flexible in our political beliefs. Rigidity, judgment, and hubris is a dead end in order to have a forward moving nation that is in step with a 21st Century.

The Schumer/Pelosi dynamic duo elaborated a plan that “allowed Dems to assert themselves as the minority party in coming showdowns over funding the government and increasing the debt limit while denying Mr. Trump money for his border wall and seeking protection for the undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers.” WOW! But, what does it mean? Is it really a one-shot deal or…?

It means that the duo has effectively accomplished what McConnell/Ryan could not, or were not willing, to do: block and render as figureheads the extreme right-wingers of the GOP. Both pseudo-leaders should thank the dynamic duo for that. It also means that in the immediate future no proposed measure presented by the losers, or Trump, will be approved unless it is supported by the Schumer/Pelosi duo. In other words, this is the end of the extreme right’s power over the GOP establishment (I hope McConnell/Ryan realize it). It also means the resurrection of common sense and true negotiation skills, that are the components of the art of politics. Blind obstructionism is out for the duration…at least.

If this was such a great deal for the Democrats, then aggrandizing Sen. Schumer is a major mistake given Trump’s delicate and fragile self-image. To label Schumer “power hungry,” the most powerful person on Capitol Hill is amazingly naïve; when government agencies are being dismantled and regulations are being gutted in plain view because you have a Republican majority and a Republican president who have put foxes in charge of the hen houses. When the best you can do is to have a strategy to minimize damage, you are not powerful at all. The upcoming tax overhaul will show that clearly. The Republicans were comfortable with obstruction for its own sake for 8 years. Democrats should keep that in mind and act in their own interests instead of giving Republicans freebies in the name of “working together.”

Schumer is as sly a fox as they come. You don’t get the position he currently has by being laid back. He has known Trump for decades. Trump has been donated huge sums to his previous campaigns. They’re Queens and Brooklyn, and in this humble burg of ours, that counts bigly. It also helps that when it comes to political savvy, Trump is as dumb as a post while Schumer is as sharp as a whip. There is no contest here. We New Yorkers who know them both well would not want to be a Republican at present. Trump does not care how he “wins”, as long as he’s “winning” and beloved. Unlike Paulie and Mitch, Chuck and Nancy have got him read like a book. 2018, here we come.

Two New Yorkers who have known each other for many years, Nancy Pelosi who is a smiling gracious politician, and Republicans whose thuggish idea of finesse is a club to the skull plus constant naysaying — the photos say it all. Republicans have forgotten how to govern. They no longer know how to compromise with the opposition party which actually represents the great majority of Americans. Most of Trump’s policies and Republican policies are against the majority view of Americans who wanted the ACA, who want the environment protected, who support DACA, who support universal background checks.

How long do you “govern” against what most Americans want? Republicans fume over the policies of Pres. Obama but he was on the front lines of where the majority of the country is–on rights for LGBT, for women, and a host of other issues.

Trump is the most unpopular president in American history. Sessions is implementing policies that turn the calendar back a century. White supremacists marched confidently; Russia almost openly interfered to support Trump, and now 800,000 innocent young people and children face mass deportation against the wishes of something like 64% to 80% of Americans.

Sometimes you have to yield to reality in politics and not to ignorance or bigotry or ideology.

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