Saturday Morning Hurricane Irma Update

By Tiffany Rodgers

Hurricane Irma slammed Cuba late last night and is heading for Florida as we speak. Cuba officially was hit with a category 5 hurricane late last night. 1924 was the only other time Cuba has seen such a powerful storm.

The sun began to rise this Saturday morning to show a devastated Cuba. Irma did not take it easy on our Cuban friends. Of course, it seems Irma isn’t taking it easy on anyone in her path.

Due to the such close proximity of Cuba to the Florida keys, The Keys are starting to get the outer wall of Irma. Irma did downgrade to a category 3 during her time over Cuba. However, she is expected to pick up again before officially making Florida landfall.

The wind speeds that will basically hit all of Florida are tremendous. Below is a tweet showing the estimated wind speeds, over the next 72 hours, for the entire state of Florida.

Florida has increased the number of people to evacuate to 5.6 million. That number increased after Irma pounded Cuba and took a slightly left approach to the state of Florida. Irma is still predicted to hit Florida head on.

As of 8:30 a.m., the entire Florida peninsula is under a hurricane warning. Curfews will be going into effect later this afternoon.

To say the least, Irma is a killer hurricane still raging on. We have passed the time where anyone can safely evacuate from SW Florida. If you have chosen to stick it out, we pray for your protection. To all those that Irma has already hit and to those she is still planning on hitting, we will continue to pray for your safety. Hang in there Florida. Irma too shall pass.

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