Let’s Not Kid Ourselves, Trump Doesn’t Want To Solve Any Problems

By Jason Taylor

One of the more astonishing things about Trump and his administration is that his actions are not only mean-spirited but stupid and harmful to the economy as well. Whether it’s rescinding DACA or withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, 45 is causing lasting damage to our country and the world at large (because, as it is said, when America sneezes, the world catches a cold). Trump keeps bragging about how much he has accomplished as president. But the truth is, his so-called success has been all about tearing down and undoing.

It takes decades to build a city or raise a child, but that child can be felled in an instant by one bullet, or that city can be razed by a fleet of bombers in a matter of moments. Trump — the fabled builder — has built nothing while in office. He has only torn down. He got rid of TPP — which took forever to negotiate and was supposedly going to give the US a trade advantage over China — immediately. He is chomping at the bit to scuttle the Iran nuclear accord, another diplomatic breakthrough that has halted Iran’s nuclear development.

Then, of course, all kinds of regulations have been rolled back, laws that have restored clean air and a less toxic environment. Trump the master builder, with a string of bankrupted casinos to his credit, promises to be the destroyer of nations, with America his very first victim. It is high time to get rid of him and save what is left of the mess he has made in a short few months.

People who were brought into the U.S. illegally as children did nothing illegal themselves. If anything, they were victims, most of whom are becoming exemplary, educated and productive citizens. We should be giving them medals, not treating them as criminals. But the president has demonstrated a muddled view of history, the law and everything else a president is supposed to understand. He spoke of Frederick Douglass as though he was still alive, and thought Andrew Jackson was around to have an opinion on a Civil War that had mysterious origins.

The president treats the country as though it’s one of his faux-posh hotels, and he’s a racist landlord. In his mind, he’s channeling President George Jefferson, and keeping out the undesirables. No one would be movin’ on up while he was in charge. His base will lap it up, and that’s all that counts. When you elect a man who is crass, privileged, small-minded and unread, this is what you get. He has no grounding in American history. Half-remembered snippets of old TV shows from his worldview, which has odd theatrical overtones.

The president constantly demonstrates that he has no heart and no brain. Combine that with his soft spot for white supremacists and Jeff Sessions’ cowardly lyin’, and you realize he thinks he’s not the commander in chief as much as he’s the Grand Wizard of Ours.

The bottom line: you want to stop illegal immigration- in theory- put a hefty fine on anyone hiring an illegal. $5,000 to $10,000. Instead of putting billions into a border wall, but a fraction into enforcement of that law. Now, why don’t we see Republicans doing this? if no one hires them and no work then it would dry up? The fact is, in reality, all businesses are benefiting mightily from this labor force. Businesses and cities really don’t want to lose their profit margin, especially in a tight labor market. In Houston, we would shut down. So the only thing pushing this DACA policy is fear and bigotry from a right wing propaganda machine and the fact that the Republican base who pretend boast to be the Christian moral fabric of the country tend to consistently propose the most hypocritical and least humanitarian policies on their fellow countrymen. Go figure? Business as usual.

When I looked at Obama’s cabinet I saw Americans. When I look now at Trump’s cabinet I see mostly old white men who are more interested in satisfying their former colleagues or, like Sessions, their racist ambitions. I don’t detect the slightest interest in putting Americans first, making America great (in a good way), or in justice. Whether it’s DACA, the ACA, education, housing, trade, or wages this Congress and president have worked against 99% of us. The only truths they hold to be self-evident are those involving money, power, and keeping both in their hands while destroying the lives of all working Americans and their families.

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  1. It’s very apparent that Trump just doesn’t like the “average” American. Why? I think he can only relate to the rich and famous and the average American is not either one of those. He can’t walk a mile in our shoes because he’s probably never walked a mile. He’s been chauffeur-driven his whole life. It’s been horrible waiting for him to get booted. It seems like he’s been in office for years instead of months. I can’t imagine how bad off we’ll be if he makes it through his first term. We may not even be here. All of his claims pertaining to how good he is at everything he does have fallen short. No matter how hard he tries he will never erase President Obama. That will stick in his craw forever.

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