Southern Florida Evacuate Immediately

By Tiffany Rodgers

Hurricane Irma is a beast of a storm, and she is heading straight for Florida. If you are in Southern Florida, you must leave immediately. Irma is no joke. She is not the storm to “wait it out” in. Evacuations are upward of 500,000 people. Here is a tweet from someone in Atlanta, GA.

Irma is pounding the Caribbean right now and marching like a freight train straight towards Florida. If the Caribbean is a peek into what Florida is to expect; people need to get out now.

Unfortunately, those not in the path just have to watch, pray, send financial support, and hope for the best. Irma will definitely be on all of our minds.

So as we bid Adieu to Mar-a-Largo, we know of at least one person in particular that will miss it more than anyone.



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