Trump Throws Republicans Under The Bus

By Jason Taylor

The GOP made their bed — -let them lie in it. It didn’t take Charlottesville, or the Muslim Ban, or the 100 other reprehensible things that Trump has done; it’s him working with the Democrats. If the GOP was better at working across the room, this may have been a moot point. Apparently working with Democrats is the gravest sin for Republicans, but you know, being associated with neo-Nazis and white supremacists is just fine. Oh, and colluding with a foreign government is cool, too, just as long as they don’t work with Democrats.

While I’m certainly glad to see this outcome, I am very skeptical that it was a consciously, well-considered decision taken by Trump. More like the typical knee-jerk reactions we’ve seen from him for the past eight months. I expect that as soon as he watches the heads on Fox News accuse him of selling out, he’ll change his mind and run back to his base and his dwindling band of supporters in Congress.

Being obstructionist was all Congressional Republicans knew when Obama was president. They pretended undermining and stagnation was governing. Now, they have the White House, Senate, and House, but nothing to offer. The ‘party of no’ keeps showing their own incompetence.

Who cannot swallow bipartisanship? Trump’s own followers. Even if the deal made with the Democrats makes a lot of sense: default is avoided and help is provided to people hard hit by a natural catastrophe. So, in case we didn’t already, we now know why bipartisanship has become so seldom: hard right Republicans are to blame. Why can’t they accept a deal with the Democrats? Because since ages, Fox, Breitbart, and Co have painted a caricature of Democrats as evil, bad, corrupt, and sleazy.

Pundits always claim that “DC is dysfunctional”. That is actually incorrect. Completely. It is nothing more but Republicans who are solely responsible for the dysfunction. So let’s just call it for what it is instead of trying to be PC and blame both sides. You disagree with me? Let’s have a look at the issues. Without Republicans, this country would invest heavily in its future through infrastructure and education; we would have an affordable single payer health care system that would put people’s well being over profits; we would withdraw from all these senseless Middle East wars costing us trillions; we would limit ourselves to sensible military spending instead of out of control defense spending; we would eliminate undemocratic practices like gerrymandering and voter suppression; we would have term limits on members of Congress; we would have abolished big money from politics; we would have sensible gun control laws; we would have strict separation of church and state; we would have sensible and humane immigration laws and we would curb the power of big business and make sure the super wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.

Last but not least; we would have had a president who is worthy of that title instead of the embarrassing clown we have in the White House today. So I ask you — why would ANYONE want to vote for these destructive GOP politicians who constantly are putting their own re-election priorities over the country’s well being? Those who congratulate Trump for his “bipartisanship” are getting ahead of themselves. There’s no reason to think this mercurial, imperious amateur didn’t just make a random decision, and there’s no reason to believe he won’t make other random decisions going the other way in the future.

It’s interesting that this is the issue that outrages his base. It’s not the veiled racism, not the ignorant saber rattling, not the heartless stance on immigration, not the countless other things that he’s done to divide this country. It’s reaching out to the other side of the aisle that causes his base to freak out and talk of deserting him. Very illuminating.

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