Climate Change Is Real: Don’t Be Fooled

By Tiffany Rodgers

Climate change is real folks. Climate change is happening folks. How can anyone look at our world right now and still deny that climate change is true?

Texas and Louisiana just got hammered by Hurricane Harvey. Harvey has caused unprecedented flooding. However, the waters weren’t done yet. There are currently 3 active hurricanes in the Atlantic basin. This hasn’t happened since 2010. Irma is set to be one of the largest Atlantic hurricanes in history.

Hurricanes aren’t the only thing hitting the planet. Fires are raging out of control across the West. The North West is being absolutely devastated by these fires.

Just one fire that is roaring right now is in LA.

If you put this LA fire against other fires, it gives the perspective that the LA fire is puny, and it is nothing of the sort. Just think about the amount of acreage that has been destroyed by these various fires. It is just heartbreaking.

If there were only a way to siphon the water from the hurricanes and funnel it onto these fires. In a perfect world…right?

America isn’t the only one dealing with natural disasters. Asia just got slammed with a monsoon that killed thousands and displaced hundreds of thousands.

Africa has also seen historic flooding.

With everything going on it is hard to deny that climate change is a serious problem that needs attention immediately.

The evidence of climate change being real is so obviously overwhelming. All the people that have been impacted by these horrific disasters is just unimaginable. We must start to take care of the planet we were given or we will end up destroying it beyond all recognition. We only get one Mother Earth. Let’s treat her right.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?


  1. This is what drives me nuts about climate change denial–everybody’s forgotten physical science class. When they talk about the earth and the systems of the earth, that simple diagram of how it all interconnects suddenly is gone from memory. I mean, we’re a CLOSED SYSTEM. The weather and climate are trying to balance things out in the atmosphere, and since we’ve screwed around with the chemical composition too often and too damn fast, we’re paying for it in stronger storms. Storms are nature’s way of trying to correct an imbalance fast. It’s not like we can borrow some cooler water and cooler air from space or anything to do the job–sheesh!

    (sigh) Kinda wish I’d gone the route of meteorologist–still a weatherbug at heart.

    1. WeatherBug at heart here too! Still do not get how anyone can still decline climate change is real! Willful blindness is my guess.

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