DACA Rescinded: The Cruelty And Lies Of Donald Trump

By Jason Taylor

The rolling tragedy of the Trump presidency continues with breathtaking cruelty. From the beginning, there have been laws and executive actions that crystallize bigotry and hatred — the Muslim ban, the transgender ban, the global gag law against women, the voting suppression efforts, the anti-environmental ones, the anti-worker safety ones, and the anti-immigrant and Hispanic ones. This is in addition to the attempt to end health care for 23 million or more people and to end Medicaid for millions (the latter only to give the wealthy a trillion dollar tax cut).

None of these are supported by the majority of Americans. 64% approve of DACA, and only 30% oppose it. Time after time, the policies reflect only a strangely archaic prejudice that is more reminiscent of the Jim Crow era or earlier centuries than 21st century America. These are all about prejudice, discrimination, and hatred of others.

There can be fewer more innocent victims than these young people and children brought to the country. They broke no laws. They grew up here, were part of their communities, had school friends, and planned their futures like any other American child or teenager. Their hopes for the future are shadowed now. They do not speak any language but English or no any other home. This is a crime against humanity and is some Jim Crow fantasy or 1930s fascist antagonism against an ethnic or racial minority.

Trump signed on to Republican Congressional bills to repeal Obama care that would result, according to the Congressional Budget Office, in the loss of 16 to 32 million who gained health insurance. This notwithstanding that during the campaign when he was trying to trick voters into voting for him promised “everyone will be covered” and with lower premiums, lower deductibles and lower co-pays. Now Trump wants to end DACA. The conclusion is inescapable that this man is malevolent.

DACA was never more than a humanitarian stopgap to give these young people a small measure of protection from an utterly dysfunctional Congress, which refused to pass the DREAM Act. Now, Paul Ryan “implored the White House to keep some form of the program” rather than working to legislate a long term solution. What a travesty.

Jeff Sessions and the state attorneys who want to repeal DACA must be proud of having hearts of stone and frozen brains. Vindictiveness and prejudice are the motivations hiding behind a supposed respect for the law. The same respect for the law disappears when it comes to restricting access to polls to people who are not likely to vote for them. Leave it to Trump to never do the right thing. By doing this 6-month stunt, the Dreamers will be in limbo, as usual, while our do nothing Congress will allow the time to pass with no action. This is the Trump way of washing his hands of the dirty deed so that he can blame someone else.

Imagine hating a man, Obama, so much that you would ruin the lives of people who have only known the USA as their home. Trump doesn’t care what the policy is. If Obama implemented it, he will try to dismantle it. Trump cannot stand that Obama was loved so much more than he will ever be, and our love for Obama’s class and dignity is missed more with every move Trump makes.

When people listen to Trump they need to hire a Trump translator. When one hears Trump say, “I have a great heart,” he actually is saying that he has “no heart.” Remember when he said that he would replace the ACA with something better. His actual plan was no health care for millions of Americsns. This attack on DACA is a direct assault on the legacy of Barack Obama. This is Trump’s driving force and is based on Trump’s racism that has guided his personal philosophy since the Central Park Five Case. By now if anyone believes anything that Trump enunciates like “We love the dreamers,” they need their head examined.

But since Jeff Sessions told Trump that he would not defend DACA in court, Trump had a choice — he could fire Sessions for cause, and while this would anger his political base, it would demonstrate he is the president of all us. But Trump is not interested in that idea He is more attuned to his racialist advisors than those who adhere to the motto “E Pluribus Unum,” out of many ones. Why would Trump believe in that statement, when he basks in our divisions which only benefits his special friend in Moscow? That is the query that requires an answer, not tomorrow or next week, but right now.

Trump is an ugly, insecure coward, who would destroy the lives of over 800,000 innocents, who love our country, which is their country too, and who have done nothing to deserve the torture this sadistic monster has been inflicting on them since the primaries.

President Trump has clearly planted the stake in the ground of governing only to his base. He can no longer pretend to be a President for all Americans, only his small group of disgruntled and disaffected supporters who apparently understand little about the true values and nature of 21st Century America The DREAMERS are every-bit ‘American’ as I am. The difference being, my citizenship came through birth. Their citizenship can come from working hard and adding to our economic and cultural well-being. Congress must finally address this issue to keep these young people here and working on behalf of all of us.

It is now time for a coalition of businesses, Democrats, Republicans and advocacy groups to come together to create a path to citizenship for these young people. To do otherwise would be a stain on this nation’s value of ‘hard work is rewarded.

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