Attacking Dreamers Makes The GOP’s Job Harder

By David Malcolm

Congress has come full circle. Once again, an impulsive and ill-thought out idea by a spoiled brat has left the GOP with a very difficult job on its hands. Before the recess, it was healthcare, then it was the debt ceiling and tax reform and now it’s DACA, the Obama-era legislation that allowed the children of illegal immigrants, known as ‘Dreamers’, to stay in the USA.

The only reason that Trump is considering repealing DACA is that he needs to rally support from his slowly-dwindling base by passing any legislation. Once again, just like the healthcare debacle, Trump is picking a battle that he may not win.

For a start, the Republican Party is starting to turn against Trump. After their bruising fight against Obamacare which saw every vote for repeal fall apart, Republicans have watched the polls dip further downwards as a chaotic administration and their loudmouth leader turn against everyone and everything in sight. Although some still hope to fulfil their goals, many are starting to realise the cost of attaching themselves to Donald Trump, especially after Charlottesville and the pardon of Joe Apario.
Trump might be the President, but he’s also the frontman of the Republican Party and his actions will be attributed to those who stood by and let him do it.

Now, with the recess over, Republicans are once again embroiled in a difficult battle. Even those who want DACA gone are frustrated that, much like the healthcare debacle, they have barely any time to consider a new compromise. Some already suspect that there is no compromise and the DACA will stay firmly in place, come what may.

None of this does Trump any favours in the long run. Attacking Obama-era policies is bound to upset the Democrats who will never accept Trump or his spineless lackeys, Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan. The GOP has no love for Trump and their loyalty is wavering fast. Trump might cry foul at the lack of legislation but everyone can see that making rash decisions doesn’t work in politics. If the legislation is defeated, it is because Trump wanted victory more than solutions.

Congress is set to debate tax reform, consider the funding for the next few years and hopefully raise the debt ceiling to avoid a government shutdown. These are heated debates at the best of times, but the lack of major legislation and the acrimony between the Republicans and the White House make the going tougher. Trump’s threat of letting the government shutdown if he doesn’t get funding for his border wall leaves Republicans in a bad spot.

The attack on the Dreamers is an ideological assault against those who could and probably would make  America a better place. It is a short-sighted move against those who carry the sins of the parents, the grievous sin of coming to America for a better chance at life. It is, in essence, an attack against those who genuinely believe in the American Dream and the opportunities that America offers.

It will do Trump no favours in the long run. His legislation will stall regardless simply because he wants things done now. If his plans come to nothing, it will be because he rushed things through and left the Republicans with no real choice at all. In short, Trump has learnt nothing from his previous experience except that he needs to win now and win big.

Here’s hoping Congress enjoyed its summer holidays. It’s all downhill from here.


I'm a historian based in the UK who likes jumping from one thought to next. I love to learn new things and explore other ideas.

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