Mueller Has Draft Of Trump Letter On Comey Firing: Smoking Gun?

By Jason Taylor

The day Trump ordered Stephen Miller to draft the ominous letter that fired James Comey was rainy. He was in a bad mood because he had to cancel a round of golf with an Australian golfer. He needed to unleash his “unfettered thoughts” about the FBI director and thought his frustration with Comey was justified because he had the sympathy of both Miller and Jared Kushner. This speaks volumes about how unfit Trump is to run the country. Doing as he pleases, he has limited mental capacity and can’t reason properly without aid.

What should be obvious is that the rationale for firing Comey was developed after the plan to fire him was already in place, and that the first rationale developed by Miller was rejected because it likely gave the game away. Rationales are not reasons, they are concocted after the fact. To make this episode even more sordid, the rationale given was that Comey’s treatment of Clinton was unfair, which was contradicted by what Trump said in his campaign. Now Trump’s lawyers are criticizing Comey for not investigating Clinton further. If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be laughable.

When will Stephen Miller join the parade of unqualifieds exiting the White House? Trump surrounds himself with inexperienced, know-nothing haters like himself, but he is the rotten core.

The original letter is the true window into the “soul” of this president. That Stephen Miller’s fingerprints are all over the un-sanitized and unsent original communication will give us all the clearest “thinking” into this borderline-criminal president’s rationale to throw FBI Director James Comey overboard — because he wouldn’t play ball. I can’t wait till the many streams become a mighty river washing Trump and his associates and his enablers away. This presidency has been an insult to the intelligence of all Americans, an arrogant dismissal of the rule of law and our Constitution and a money grab by a man for whom money is everything.

Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey, on day 109 of his Presidency, was shocking news when it happened, that it happened and why it happened. Re-reading Trump’s disgraceful, cowardly and dishonest May 9th letter of termination, shows Trump to be a President who regards and treats the FBI as nothing more than a building contractor might regard a questionable security firm…with contempt and being just as dispensable.

The carnage Donald Trump has wrought upon American standards and institutions (Oh, like Congress, the Judiciary, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment etc.) beggars belief. How any thinking American, of any political persuasion, can support this dangerous pretender to the Presidency also beggars belief. The role of President is not the only aspect of the job he fails to understand — it’s the impact his thoughtless, ill-considered and self-serving actions have on all Americans and indeed the entire planet.

No matter how damning the Mueller Report is, expect Trump to refuse to leave and for Republicans to refuse to make him leave. In the end, the Mueller Report will be read as the death warrant for the American experiment with constitutional democracy. We already see that the President can immunize government agents from the need to obey court orders, and we already see that the constitutional grant of power to appoint a Supreme Court justice can be nullified by a party more interested in winning than respecting elections.

Every day brings more evidence of possible collusion, conspiracy, and rampant dishonesty. Trump, his administration, and the GOP are all part of this wide-spread network that continues to provide continued support for Mueller’s investigation. The real question is what will the Congress, the two political parties and the American people be willing to do once the evidence is all out there and there is a clear conclusion to draw from it? I’m afraid the answer may be nothing…

The White House has been home to dishonorable people in the past, most notably Richard Nixon. The White House has housed racist Presidents, with Woodrow Wilson a fine example. But the White House has never been home to a pathological narcissist so utterly devoid of ethical and moral values, so profoundly ignorant, crude and brutish in every dimension of human endeavor as its current occupant. However, it is not Trump himself who is an embarrassment to this nation – America doesn’t have a monopoly on vulgarity -, but his elevation to the status of a Prophet among so many tens of millions of American Whites. It is embarrassing and repulsive at the same time, it is the effacing of a two-century old image of America carefully cultivated as a model for the World to follow, and it is a loss, a great loss to the good name of Democracy.

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