Why Evangelicals Still Support Trump

By Lorana Hoopes

Every time I begin to wonder why Evangelicals still support Trump, a piece of news falls in my lap. Today, there were three.

  1. Trump and Melania visited Houston. Criticized for her choice of clothing in the past, she chose to sport a denim shirt and a ball cap that said Texas on the front. Now, I know people not from Texas may not get this, but in Texas, we are proud of our state, and seeing a New Yorker wearing a Texas hat as she came to help would please most Texans. The Trumps met with hurricane victims, stopped by a local shelter and played with children, and Trump even helped load supplies into a truck. I know people will still hate on him, but this is another nugget that while I don’t agree with everything he does, I do think he cares for this country and is trying.
  2. Trump declared today a day of prayer for the Hurricane Harvey victims. Bill Clinton issued no special days of prayer, nor did Barack Obama. In a year when Christians are being called “intolerant hate mongers” for not following the world and being sued for following what they believe is right, this speaks volumes to Evangelicals. Here is a president who is not afraid to speak about God and not afraid to do the un-PC thing and say we should pray.
  3. President Trump issued an executive order about the Johnson amendment, limiting its power to threaten to remove church’s funding just because they don’t like the message. Here’s a newsflash. As the world becomes more PC and moves away from Biblical teachings, the haters will call everything the church says hate speech, but President Trump said the IRS should not be targeting churches for speaking sound moral and religious truth. Interestingly enough, the DOJ doesn’t agree with Trump and even told pastors they had no right to intervene as the outcome doesn’t affect them. I’m not sure what fairy tale land they are living in, but not being able to preach what you believe God is telling you to preach for fear of retribution certainly does affect them. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

So every time I hear someone ask how people could support Trump, I find reasons like this. I can’t imagine Hillary Clinton would have called a day of prayer or protected churches’ free speech rights, and it is issues like these that drove Evangelicals to the polls and has most of them still supporting Trump.

Does that mean he should get a pass on things he does wrong? Absolutely not, but I hope it helps people see that there are other issues going on, issues that are dear to many people, and issues that Trump is supporting as other recent presidents haven’t.

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  1. I respect your interpretation of the events but I see it just a little differently. Trump totally screwed up his first trip to Texas by not showing much empathy. VP Pence went and put Trumps effort to shame. He actually rolled up his sleeves and got to work helping the victims of the hurricane. I think his advisors sat him down and tried to explain to him how a president is supposed to project his caring concern to his citizens in a time of crisis such as this. The second trip was a do-over. Yes, he visited shelters and helped out but it also cost taxpayers double because he should gotten it right the first time, then went back to Washington to start working on helping Texas rebuild.
    Trump does not appear to be a religious man. Does he attend any church? I’ve not seen him arriving or leaving a Sunday service like other presidents. The news usually covers that once in a while. He may have but I missed it. It’s funny how he will fight to protect church funding but threaten a goverment shutdown because he wants to build a wall or cut off health insurance payments because Obamacare wasn’t obliterated like he wanted. It could be a move to keep his Evangelical votes, remember, Trump is a slick businessman, everything else comes in 2nd.

    1. I’m certainly not arguing that he could have done better the first time, and as for his religion, I have my doubts. What does seem to show is that he respects others’ religious freedoms and is fighting for them. That is why I think he still garners support from Evangelicals.

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