The Truth Seems To Elude Trump Quite Often

By Lynda Lamp

On August 28, 2017, the President of the United States hosted the President of Finland, President Sauli Niinisto at the White House.

As reported by Reuters, during the President’s comments during a news conference he said this:

“One of the things that is happening is you’re purchasing large amounts of our great F-18 aircraft from Boeing and it’s one of the great planes, the great fighter jets.”

President Sauli Niinisto looked surprised but did not set the record straight at the time. Since we all know that Trump lies incessantly, taking the high road at that moment was easier and safer.

While it is the case that Finland’s military fleet is aging and they are in the market for new aircraft, at this point they are merely looking for bids with plans to order in by perhaps 2020.

President Niinisto later denied the deal with Boeing on his Twitter account and on Tuesday in Washington said the following to Finnish reporters:

“It seems that on the sale side, past decisions and hopes about future decisions have mixed … The purchase is just starting, and that is very clear here.”

How embarrassing it is that the President of the United States of America is a pathological liar!  Or is he suffering from Alzheimer’s? Either way, we must swallow our pride and admit: There is something wrong with this man!

How frustrating it is that the GOP is doing nothing.

The Republican Party is the Party of Lincon for crying out loud! What on God’s green earth (as my father used to say) has happened to us? What will it take?

All you need to do is google “Trump’s lies, ” and you’ll get a whopping 10,500,000 in results. Yes, that’s ten million, five hundred thousand articles about the subject of Trump’s lies.

The Washington Post report on August 22, 2017, that Trump’s lies just since he’s been in office has surpassed 1,000!

“We have been tracking President Trump’s false or misleading claims for more than seven months. Somewhere around Aug. 4 or Aug. 5, he broke 1,000 claims, and the tally now stands at 1,057.”

The Republicans who are in our House of Representatives, Senate, Governorships, etc. can no longer be considered members of the “Grand Old Party.”

No! We can honestly say they are now members of the Greedy Old Predators Party. They don’t care about anyone except themselves and their wallets.

We must insist they put a stop to this sanity. They won’t do anything though because they are getting what they want. They are lining their pockets.

We must stand UP and be heard. We must vote these people out of office.

We must also remember to breathe. This is going to be a long, long process.




I am an Author, Speaker, and Life Coach, living in Alaska on the shores of Resurrection Bay, one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am also a mystic, visionary, and pioneering entrepreneur. I want to help to heal our world by bringing us peace through love. Volume I of my book, Walking Through Your Walls was released in August of 2016 and additional volumes are forthcoming. I also founded Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC, heavenly lodging on the waterfront, AK ANGELS Care, Inc. a way for neighbors to help neighbors, WE LOVE US, 8 Intentions to Create the World that Works For All, and Love BY LIGHT, a way to form Heart or Mindfulness Circles in your community. My latest works involves Insist On Love, a movement to unite people through Intentional Living.

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