Thumbs Up For Good Luck

By Andrew Witzel

You have to be living under a rock if you have not heard about Hurricane Harvey hitting the coast of Texas. Millions of people are affected and will have their lives turned upside down for weeks following the storm. The first hurricane to make land fall in the United States in 12 years, intensifying to a Category 4 hours before land fall, and a 500 year rain fall record that tops 50″ in some areas is hardly something to be marvelled at. That is exactly what our president did though Saturday and Sunday during the height of the storm.

All day Sunday, the president basically live-tweeted the monster storm as it gained strength and stalled over Houston dumping massive amounts of rain onto the region. Spanning 10 tweets through the morning and afternoon, he made no mention of the death toll or how victims of the storm were being affected. Instead, he marveled that the hurricane, becoming a tropical storm, was the biggest in 500 years and was expected to bring record-setting rain fall. The man is obsessed with things that are huge and his response so far has been rather poor and insensitive.

Trump is tactically being “engaged” to avoid the criticism that Bush experienced during the hurricane Katrina event in Louisiana. His idea of being engaged though is missing the true point of how the leader of the United States should actually be during a disaster of this magnitude. There should already be mobilizations of government assistance that has not been seen at this point yet or, has not been reported on directly by the news media. Reporters from ABC, CNN, FoxNews, etc. have all been on the ground since Friday night but our president flew to Camp David for the weekend.

Millions of people can’t get to Twitter when the power is out, phone lines are down and mobile communications are overloaded. Yet that is the only form of communication Trump has provided to the American people up to this point. Trump is planning a visit to Houston on Tuesday to survey the damage and apparently encourage rescue and clean-up efforts. That thumbs up and a wish of good luck doesn’t rescue someone from their roof or feed them for weeks after the storm is over and the water recedes.

Do better, or history will judge you as harshly as they’ve judged Bush after Hurricane Katrina.

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