Twitter’s Disdain of the Arpaio Pardon

By Tiffany Rodgers

Trump distastefully pardoned Joe Arpaio last night during a Friday news dump, which happened to take place during hurricane Harvey. There was quite the response via social media as most folks were disgusted by the timing. In a sense, Trump’s favorite means of communication was used to share the dissatisfaction that was found in him and his decision. Twitter responds to this blow to the judicial branch.

Let’s start this off with Trump’s tweet. Get ready for your blood to boil and your blood pressure to soar.

Trump calls Arpaio an “American patriot – [who] kept Arizona safe.” Did we miss something? Going against court orders is not patriotic. Racially profiling a group of individuals is not patriotic. None of that kept Arizona safe. The only racial profiling that needs to be done (and possibly the only thing that can save America at this point) is one of an orange old man. If you are orange, you must be an oompa loompa. You will immediately be transported to the orange-only facility in Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. We’re still debating if your children can stay or if they must go to the orange only facility (don’t think we aren’t watch DACA, Trump…We’re always watching).

The majority of the American public agree with Mr. Weigel here. Only a coward would choose to announce this during such a catastrophic hurricane. Trump knew what he was doing. He tried to fly the pardoning under the radar. Well, too bad Trump! There are a plethora of Americans who are awake and aware of your moronic actions.

That last line right there is extremely important – “without DOJ recommendation.” One would assume that during the pardoning of an criminal, the DOJ might have a little bit of a say in the decision. Not with King Trump in charge. Someone really needs to explain to him the way a democracy works.

Oh how wonderful – Arpaio feels “vindicated.” Everyone can go home now. Arpaio feels warm and fuzzy inside. This is NOT your vindication Arpaio. America is not going to vindicate such atrocious behavior from anyone let alone law enforcement. Is not law enforcement to serve and protect? Not racially profile and unlawfully arrest. It is preposterous that either Trump or Arpaio thinks anything more of themselves other than to be down to the core racist. Their actions have said way more than their words ever could.

These last two tweets sum all of this up rather accurately. Ms. Ana Navarro’s (if you do not follow her on Twitter – I highly suggest it – she is pure awesomeness) lists all of Trump’s grievances, whereas the NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials) throws a heavy hitter. Trump just endorsed racism…again!

Americans we cannot allow this to be our new normal. Stand up and keep resisting. Trump cannot and will not take America back to our racist historical time period. Healing (Psst…Trump it is not heeling) needs to take place in our country, but it must first start with leadership. America has come too far to let one bonehead (I’m looking at you Trump) ruin everything.

Walt Disney used to say the following quote, “Around here, however, we do not look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious…and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

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