Trump Pardons Arpaio…Now?

By Tiffany Rodgers

Trump is a real piece of work. We all knew it was coming, but did not know when. He decides to do it while there is a hurricane cat 4 smashing Texas and Louisana, and while North Korea is playing Battleship with the Sea of Japan (spoiler alert – the Sea of Japan won).

What happened? Trump just pardoned Joe Arpaio. You know the Phoenix sheriff who violated the federal court order that told him to stop racially profiling Latinos. Why did Trump decide to do it right now? Is he trying to do it under the radar? Not a surprise. He is a pansy if there ever was one.

Phoenix residents are not going to be pleased about this. What did we expect from someone like Trump? He and Arpaio are in the same class of despicable human beings. Trump is also a hater of Latino folks (hence the mighty wall).

This pardon truly sticks it to the court system. It says that what they do does not matter. It shows blatant disrespect for their authority. What kind of country will we be if we take away the power from the judicial branch? The three branches of government are there so one cannot have all the power. We must keep these intact. Trump needs to go back to sixth grade social studies so he can learn about the importance of these three branch systems. America will not go down this lawless hole.

But there may be a bright side.  By accepting the pardon Arpaio admits guilt, and this might open him up to civil lawsuits from multiple sources.


  1. Nice! Good to know the potential upside. Karma will be there for these people no matter what, but I’d like some rule of law here too. I look forward to their surprise when they discover that they are in the minority in this Country. I can feel US raising Up.

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