Ten Takeaways–Newest National Poll: The Trump Effect

By Darrell Roberts 

The latest Quinnipiac University National Poll, reveals the current mood on important national topics and the possible effect of Donald Trump’s Presidency in future elections. What impact is the current administration having on the attitudes of Americans explored in the latest Ten Takeaways:

One- Everyone agrees except…:  

When asked which party they support holding control of Congress, those polled favored the Democratic party in both the House (50-38% margin) and the Senate (51% to 40% edge).  The Democrats are supported by every age group, by women, and by all other groups polled (including college educated whites) EXCEPT one–white men which favor Republican control of the House (54% to 38%) and the Senate (54% to 39%).

Two- What is your Problem?:

Those polled indicated that the biggest problem currently facing the U.S. is health care (22%), followed by race relations (19%), and the economy (15%).

Three- Best Question Unanswered:

Unfortunately, for President Trump, he receives failing grades in both healthcare (by a HUGE 30 to 65% margin) and on the economy (45% to 49%).  The pollsters did not ask about race relations, BUT it would be reasonable to conclude that Trump might receive an unfavorable score in that category too.

Four- Peaceful Warfare:

On North Korea, A majority (54%) believe it is more important to avoid war than to take away their weapons (39%).   However, all groups overwhelmingly support using military force (79% to 14%) if North Korea fires their missiles in the vicinity of Guam.

Five: Most Unconfidently Confident: 

Despite a substantial concern (68% to 31%) of a nuclear conflict between the U.S. and North Korea, the dominant belief is that the current tension between the two nations will be resolved through diplomacy (64%) and not by military force (26%).

Six- Silence is GOLDen:

Yet, a majority lack confidence (54% to 42%) in President Trump’s handling of the situation with North Korea.  A slightly higher majority (58% to 37%) do not even approve of how the President talks about the North Korea situation.

Seven- Why the Worry, bro?

The dominant view (56% to 38%) is that President Trump tried to either obstruct or derail the Russian investigation.  In fact, all the individual groups polled agree, sans one–white men (only 45% believe he has tried to interfere while 50% believe he has not).

Eight- #POTUSLowBar:

In addition to his unfavorable health care and economy ratings, President Trump also received negative scores on such issues as his handling of terrorism, immigration, and foreign policy.

Nine: Can’t Get No Satisfaction:

When asked about the current station of the nation, only 3% are “satisfied” while 19% claim to be “somewhat satisfied.”  Thus, many folks are “somewhat” (27%) to “very” dissatisfied” (50%) with the current state of American affairs.  This “Fake News” could be extremely “sick” to President Trump’s future favorability ratings and political career.

Ten: Best for Last:

Only 33% claim to be “more motivated” to vote as a result of the 2016 election.  Despite such a low number, there is a hidden positive for the Democratic party–the youth and minority voters.  The least motivated groups are the 50 to 64(30%) and 65+ years-old (25%) age groups, and white men (27%).  The groups with the highest motivation to vote are black (48%), Hispanic Americans (39%), and the 18 to 34-years-old age group (43%). Each of the motivated assemblies strongly favors Democratic control of Congress while also being the overwhelmingly opposed to President Trump.

In conclusion, this latest poll shows a waning confidence in President Trump.  Simply stated, most Americans do not favor the President’s actions nor his agenda.  His popularity is starting to show possible ramifications for the Republican party’s Congressional majority.  If this trend continues, one might expect Republicans facing seriously contested 2018 election challenges to begin publicly distancing themselves from the President.

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