Good Luck John Kelly, You’re Going To Need It

By Jason Taylor

It’s important to understand Mr. Trump in this context. General Kelly will, in the next few months, establish control over West Wing process. But Mr. Trump cares not a lick about that process and will go haywire at some point in order to have others understand that he is not bound by rules that constrain other, lesser, mortals. This is a bomb whose fuse has been lit. It will explode with disastrous consequences for the republic. As much as Mr. Pence will be a temporary shill for contemptible right-wing policies, he is a better alternative than the lunatic whose behavior is tolerated and excused by those currently getting their way.

We are running as fast as we can but are the same place as the night after the election. The dilemma: to serve under someone who seemed as though he would be unfit to be president? Or to serve for the good of the country? The fears so many rational people had have come to pass. This is General John Kelly’s dilemma now. We’re heading toward a possible government shutdown and possible war with North Korea, under a president who shows nothing but contempt for ethics, governing and the rule of law, whose only goals are to erase everything President Obama ever accomplished and to rake in as much money for his businesses as he can, and who is beloved by neo-Nazis and shunned by sensible world leaders. How much more broken, twisted and contemptible do things have to get? We have a would-be king, and he is mad.

One really must wonder whether Trump actually “hired” Kelly, or whether the President was instead given some back room ultimatum to accept adult supervision from Kelly, or else receive a full court press from the independent and Congressional investigators that are on his case (we certainly haven’t heard much about those investigations since Kelly came on board, have we?).

As a representative of the military, Kelly’s actual mission may be to stick to Trump like glue, and call in reinforcements if the toddler-in-chiefs tantrums ever pose an immediate threat to national security (which the military has probably assessed to be an increasingly imminent danger over the course of Trump’s disastrous tenure in office).

In other words, Kelly isn’t going anywhere soon, because his job isn’t really to serve Trump. His actual job is to protect all of us from any lunatic impulse that the President might unleash. And thank God for that.

If Kelly ever gets fired or resigns, you can be sure that the end of Trump’s Presidency won’t be far behind. Congress and the military have probably already decided that he can’t be permitted to run the White House on his own.

It’s very difficult to perceive, even to intuit, charitably, of the present head of state, any sense of nuance, any recognition of multiple ways of framing an argument, once debatable evidence is presented, as it, unfortunately, never is. The US has some of the best graduate schools, research institutes in the world. But that says absolutely nothing about the educational level of the electorate. Harvard, Stanford, etc., are, in fact, quite irrelevant to the state of the nation.

They operate in an alternative cosmos, designed for those who aspire to high-flying jobs, whether in commerce or in academia. When will the country wake up to the abysmal state of its rationality, its inability to argue cogently even the most basic issues? Now even Trump requires someone to shield him from information that might arouse him to further publicly displayed nonsense. Did we ask for this? By default, perhaps we did.


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