Donald Trump: Build That Wall Or America Goes Broke

By Jason Taylor

Trump’s signature promise comprised two parts. The first part was that he was going to build a beautiful wall the likes of which we’ve never seen. The second part and most popular part was that Mexico would pay for the wall. How will the country respond when the GOP is forced to vote with Democrats to achieve a veto proof majority to override Trump’s madness? My guess about the same as they did when the Russia sanctions bill was passed in like manner.

As Clint Eastwood famously said in one of his cowboy movies,
“Make my day.”

Do it, Trump. Show us how powerful you are. It’s going to take extremely reckless and damaging actions like this to get the cowards running the Republican Party to show him the door. This presidency is not salvageable. McConnell has finally figured that one out. Now act on it. Squeamish Paul Ryan doesn’t have the guts to move forward on this renovation project. He has to be pushed and pushed hard. What are you guys waiting for? Do missiles have to fly? Do people have to die? The diagnosis is in. This patient is terminal. Time to suspend life support and let him expire.

Donald Trump is doing everything he can to leave office as soon as possible, looking like a martyr to 25% of the electorate or whatever number is his base. Like all narcissists, he only values those who accept him one hundred percent and views everyone else as a threat. Like all narcissists, he is happy as long as he can create a narrative that he and some will equates with reality. Now that he’s in the White House, not a means to accomplish anything but a goal in itself for him, he’s systematically distancing himself from everyone he would need in order to govern, knowing all too well that his base is not enough — but also that the alternative is to be shown a much harder to spin exit door by Mueller a little bit later.

These attacks on the only people who can help forward his agenda, and falling back on a promise that never made sense to anyone, are the actions of a cornered man. He has never had to make any sense to anyone but the people of this country who are feeling the same way. Whether it is based in reality, does not matter and has been proven over and over. The underlying issues that brought these folks to the forefront of our politics, albeit by years of manipulation, need to be addressed. Until then his supporters who are feeling disenfranchised and need to heard by “everyone else”, will continue to feed his need for attention and their support of him will continue without fail. It is all he has left. How is it that NO ONE can get these people to see reason? If he is taken down without them seeing the light, we are in for a world of hurt in this country and his acts of divisiveness will define the future and our ability to heal as a nation.

8 months as the President and Trump still hasn’t learned how our government works. This isn’t his private, closely-held company, where he can order employees, contractors, and local governments to do things his way or he’ll crush them and fire them.

Trump can bark all the orders he wants but will grow increasingly angry as people don’t obey. Other nations such as Mexico and Pakistan are not carrying out his demands just because he issues them forcefully and confidently. Congress won’t, either.

Trump can certainly shut the government down because he is trying to score political points with his base. But a shutdown would harm his voters tremendously, as veterans’ benefits, disability benefits, and government payrolls cease. Our economy always staggers after one of these shutdowns. Even border security will suffer, as agents will not be working or hired.

His past as a bully of a boss hasn’t prepared him for a position that requires finesse and willingness to compromise. This is especially true if he also prevents an increase in the debt ceiling later this fall. If the GOP can’t get him to behave rationally, he will sink the entire party in 2018.

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  1. Wow–it’s weird realizing you might’ve been right all along. He doesn’t seem to have those negotiating skills he kept touting about (especially since he supposedly wrote a book called “The Art of the Deal,” but I guess he didn’t bother to check it out after the ghostwriter was done. It’s odd. I probably said this before, but it’s more true now. When family members told me that “he can’t be bought, so he won’t be at the mercy of special interests,” and that was the main reason for them voting for him, my only response was “he’s too used to doing the buying. What happens if somebody says no?”

    Well, we’re seeing it in HD now. Yikes. I’ve known second graders who have more control when they don’t get something they want. Reminds me of that video about why running a country as a business might not be such a good idea. I love that video–it makes too much sense. I’ve never worked in the corporate office, so my knowledge of it was limited, but from what I’ve heard from others, it’s not far wrong.

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