Twitter Responds To Trump’s Reno Speech

By Tiffany Rodgers

Trump is in Reno Nevada this afternoon. He is meeting with the American Legion (not sure why they invited him, but nevertheless here he is). After his insanity plea in Phoenix, who would want his stench anywhere near their organization?

Trump will call for unity after his extremely divisive speech (rant is more like it) last night in Phoenix. Trump went after just about everybody including a man fighting for his life against cancer. Trump is so very repulsive.

You have to love the quick response from the Reno folks. Look at the protest group size. You are doing amazing Reno. Keep up the good job.

When Trump sticks to the teleprompter he almost appears like he has no mental illness.

Anytime Trump speaks we all just want to do exactly what Jim Carrey is doing below.

Yep, Trump just rolled out his “you’re fired” line again. Pitiful.

Looks like gramps took his meds today. This does not help him recover from last night. Last night happened. We will always remember Trump’s insanity.

Trump shows his bipolar side once again.

So proud of Trump. He can read a script so very well. I like Teleprompter Trump way better than raged lunatic Trump.

It is true. Our president tweeted out a tweet spelling ‘heal’ like the foot ‘heel’.

The difference a few hours make in Trump’s demeanor.

This would make a stellar television show, if it were not our reality. This guy who exhibits mental illness is sadly in a leadership position. We will continue to rise to take America back.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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