Trump Visits Arizona: Part 2

By Tiffany Rodgers

Trump has visited Phoenix for a rally tonight. Why is this man still holding rallies? My guess is his tiny hands.

We get the unhinged mentally challenged Trump most are used to. Trump mispronounces Franklin Graham’s name.

Anyway, his first statement was, of course, about the size of the protesting crowds outside.

Here’s the “little” gathering of protestors outside he keeps referring to.

Meanwhile, here is his crowd inside the convention center.

Enough about crowd size. Trump went on to rant and rave about the response to his Charlottesville reactions. He went on for what seemed like forever.

Trump does not get that those words he omitted are the problem with his response to Charlottesville (or maybe he does and that is why he left them out). Did Trump mention Heather Heyer or even the sailors that were recently lost? No. He just went on an on about himself. He is such a disgrace!

Trump went on about his amazing apartment, wonderful education, and the fact he lives in the White House.

The majority or the rest of his speech was the same ol’ same ol’ crap we’ve heard before. He did however, bring up Joe Arpaio. He did not want to pardon him tonight, due to the controversy surrounding it. He said he would predict that “Joe will be just fine”.

The following tweet sums up the whole debacle nicely:


After the rally, the cops fired tear gas. I’m not sure what for at this point, but there is definitely lots of smoke coming from downtown. This has been ridiculous! Of course, they came dressed ready for riots, so what do we expect?

Most of the peaceful folks left once the cops started firing tear gas (again, not sure why they started firing the teat gas). I would say, all in all, this was a peaceful protest! There might be a few people that got violent, but for the majority it remained peaceful. Thanks Arizona for keeping it classy, as classy as possible!



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