Trump in Phoenix: Total Eclipse of the Facts

By Kevin Bailey

How do you respond to a “speech” as divorced from reality as Trump’s Phoenix speech? You mock it–and Don Lemon did that very well, calling it a “total eclipse of the facts.” Of course, that descriptor works well for just about any time Trump opens his mouth, so I’m sure Lemon had that little zinger holstered and ready to go for quite some time. Still, it’s such an apt description of what just happened. Here’s a brief accounting:

  • Trump blatantly lied about the statement he made regarding Charlottesville, leaving out where he dog-whistled the White Supremacists who were responsible for the death of Heather Heyer by blaming “both sides.”
  • He portrayed himself as the true victim of what happened in Charlottesville, and the media as the villains–which Nazis and White Supremacists loved.
  • On a lesser–but still blatant false–note, Trump claimed the media was refusing to show wide shots of the “crowd” in attendance. He did this at one of the many times CNN was, in fact, showing a wide shot of the crowd.
  • Trump basically stated definitively that he is, in fact, going to pardon criminal “sheriff” Joe Arpaio, even though he had sent Sarah Huckabee Sanders out earlier in the day to claim he was not going to do so.
  • He claimed the media are not patriotic because they write stories that are not favorable to him.
  • Trump called Sean Hannity an “honest guy”, when Hannity is actually a disgusting liar, who puts out ludicrous conspiracy theories, devoid of any actual facts, and victimizing the family of an innocent murder victim.
  • The man in the “Blacks for Trump” shirt standing behind Trump was a plant. His name is Michael Symonette, and he is a member of the murderous black supremacist Yahweh ben Yahweh cult.
  • He threatened to shut down the government if his worthless wall isn’t fully funded, which no one believes he will actually do.
  • And finally, Trump mournfully recounted the sad demise of… wait for it… Jeffrey Lord. Yes, he portrayed Lord as a victim, while not once mentioning the true victim of Charlottesville, Heather Heyer–killed by a white supremacist, as she peacefully protested against hatred and bigotry.

There were many more lies, of course. In essence, the entire speech was a lie–a show designed to allow his cult to feel, for one dark and evil night, like the band was back together–when in reality, the sand castle of Trump’s presidency is crumbling before our eyes. While Hannity and other Fox News opinion makers piss on their audience’s heads and tell them it’s raining, the rest of us know the truth: Trump is going to be removed from office. And as these lies–both big and small–stack higher and higher, becoming ever more clear proof of Trump’s deteriorating mental state, our country lurches toward a precipice from which I’m afraid we may never return. We are now at a point where our country may never recover from the psychic and physical harm that Trump has wrought on her.

Born and raised in Kansas, Kevin now lives in North Carolina, working at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte as an Academic Advisor. He has extensive experience as a writer, beginning with his work as an opinion columnist for his college newspaper, and extending through time working as the primary film critic for and its affiliated sites. He now serves as a film and television critic for EatPrayVote, and dabbles in writing about politics for EPV as well.

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  1. I fear you may be right. I hope the Republican National Committee is paying for these campaign trips Trump’s been taking every time his world squeezes in a little tighter.

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