Don’t Make Deals With The Devil Mitch

By Jason Taylor

Mitch McConnell has just now realized the bargain he struck with the devil for political power didn’t work out so well. And it turns out that the devil didn’t keep his end of the deal: Senator McConnell seems no more able to rally his troops than Trump can find legislative support.

This leaves McConnell with the grim alternative of bipartisanship, passing a clean debt ceiling with the help of Democrats, and trying to stave off budget battles with a House impeded by a right-wing faction in the Republican party. It seems to me that the Republican majority has lost control of both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

This split between Mitch McConnell and the president could widen into a brutal range war between Republicans and the White House. McConnell once opined that the GOP nominee could be “managed” and learn the nuances of presidential leadership. After only seven months into a chaotic administration, a Republican civil war threatens to splinter the once-solid GOP into factions that will put governing on the back burner.

With civil unrest festering at home and a military commitment on the horizon in Afghanistan and a North Korean nuclear menace, America is indeed at the crossroads. We need strong and stable leadership now more than ever before.

I have no empathy for Senate Majority Leader McConnell or House Speaker Paul Ryan. Both men are complicit in Trump’s rise. Both men refused to work with President Obama to get things done. They just wanted Trump to be president because he’s a Republican and they want any Republican president, even though they knew Trump is a rogue loose cannon. McConnell and Ryan made their beds, now they must lie in them.

McConnell is not a successful leader or legislator, nor is Trump. Let it be remembered that McConnell’s number one priority during Obama’s presidency was to obstruct. This is not legislating, but rather a display of childish behavior that would not be tolerated in any school, and should not be tolerated in the halls of government.

Let it also be remembered that Trump’s rise to the top had everything to do with inciting violence at his rallies that we now see through his words at the presidential podium.

These are the people charged with running our country and advancing the best interests of our nation. It’s very sad really that this caustic display of immature behavior is the best we have to offer.

That clanging bell you hear is the death knell for the 45th president.

It’s coming full circle for the obstructionist-in-chief, the hard-right Alabamian who tried to wreck Barack Obama’s tenure. I seem to recall the Kentucky Senator rallying the rest of the racists in the upper chamber to kill every initiative of the 44th president. McConnell urinated on the Constitution when he blew up Merrick Garland’s nomination. Then, in 2016, fate handed him his perfect candidate: white, male, and Republican. What could possibly go wrong?

The incompetent and grossly unfit Donald Trump has, in a way known only to himself, managed to mangle legislation dear to the hearts of the Koch Bottles, ALEC, etc. He can’t get a thing done because he’s an ignoramus of the first rank. McConnell, for his part, has seen his lust for further divisions of the country dissolve into thin air.

Enjoy this failure, Mr. Majority Leader. You’ve earned it.

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