What Happened To Steve Bannon: Charlottesville

By Jason Taylor

Probably the most useful thing Steve Bannon did was to call the American Prospect. I have to give him credit for calling out the fact that regarding North Korea “There’s no military solution here, they got us”. But that is it.
Bannon appears to appeal to all of Trump’s horrible instincts and has encouraged Trump and his heinous agenda, which of course Bannon wants to see passed in Congress. Just because Bannon is fired, don’t believe for one minute he is not going to continue his influence. It will just be outside the White House.

The only “firing” that matters in this administration is that of Trump himself. Trump has proven beyond all doubt that his administration is one driven by utter chaos, dysfunction, incompetence at every level, lies, grandstanding, ignorance, bigotry, and harsh ugliness of tone. There is nothing remotely redeeming about Trump and his administration.

For the safety and stability of our nation, Trump must be removed from office. Further, Democrats must regain control of Congress in 2018, and The White House in 2020 if we have any hope of repairing the damage this already nightmarish administration has caused.

Steve Bannon remarked that Trump’s was a historically divided administration. The infighting and competition for sway come from Trump’s own failures. Trump claimed that he would run the White House as a masterful CEO, but he fails every managerial test. And those failures extend to his poor handling of Charlottesville. It was correct that it would not have mattered if Trump had grovelled for forgiveness about his hideous equivocation of the forces of hate with those of justice — because he had already shown his true colors, and they align with white supremacists’. Abhorrent as Steve Bannon is, Trump cannot redeem himself by dismissing Bannon. Trump has failed to be the leader of the nation and the leader of the White House.

Steve Bannon gives himself far too much credit for his own delusions of grandeur. Did he really think a control freak like Trump would not tire of him eventually as all CEOs do? Did Bannon really believe he had the entire country in the palm of his hand?

Bannon and his right-wing extremists are the icons of absurdity. The minute those Neo-Nazis dressed in camos and armed with assault weapons took it to the streets of Charlottesville, they sank their own ship.

First off, the very idea that they have ANY Nazi influence in the US is absurdity number one. Absurdity number two is their idea that Americans accept their extremist rhetoric based on anti-Semitism and racial slurs. How? In a country like the US where the population is comprised of more races and nationalities than any country of the world?

Absurdity number three is that we do not accept that these are white males “left behind.” They left themselves behind…as far behind as their inability to get over the fact that they lost the Civil War.

As for absurdity number four: starting a race war. That idea isn’t going to change their lies about why the Confederates lost that war. 900,000 of them died of disease, not from battle. And their own Confederate Home Guard, a rarely mentioned fact of the Civil War that ignores how these same white males who hunted down Confederate deserters and Union sympathizers. So a race war won’t get them free slave labor.

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