Trumps Losing Proposal To Stay In Afghanistan

By Andrew Witzel

The American engagement in Afghanistan has already produced the longest war the United States has fought. It’s clearly demonstrated that a country rooted in tribal law and history is no place for the seed of democracy to be planted and take hold. This war has also highlighted the inadequacy of our own military to properly fight a conventional war with an enemy that doesn’t want our brand of government and will continue to do the things that brought us into their country in the first place. The Middle East has been confusing enemies that have chosen to invade their countries for centuries. Despite the best efforts of western civilization to conquer the riches of the middle east, the countries that make up the middle east are thriving and living off their natural resources that, regardless of what is said, the world still needs.

After the prime time address to the nation on Monday, August 21st, Trump has reversed his position on Afghanistan. Rather than follow his “original instinct to pull out”, he is instead committing an unknown number of troops to continue the legacy of the United States’ longest war under his watch. A single Trump statement in his address can be used to explain practically everything this disastrous administration has managed to not accomplish in seven months.

But all my life I’ve heard that decisions are much different when you sit behind the desk in the Oval Office.

It’s hard to believe that even Trump, as moronic as he can be almost continually, did not realize that being the President of the United States was going to be anything other than ridiculously difficult. The position has brought some of the strongest willed men in history to their knees. This isn’t a job where one can just ask themselves “how hard can it really be?” and then pursue the American vote to try to win. Any logical person would see that the White House, with its 500+ staffed positions, is like a corporation in of itself that doesn’t run like any corporation that Trump had ever experienced prior to January 2017. A reversal of position is to be expected however, when you have a web of wealthy elite prodding you from the shadows through their various lobbies to continue a war that most Americans now see as something that can’t be won.

Afghanistan doesn’t want Americans occupying their country any more. Our enemies will always find a way to get around anything we put in their way as history has fondly shown us more times than most can remember. Surge the troops back into the United States, properly and constitutionally screen everyone coming into the country and protect the nation. This country is spread too thin right now to be anything close to effective. Pulling the troops out of Afghanistan is the right thing to do and it’s hard to believe that this country doesn’t have methods of deterrence just as effective as boots on the ground.

Appears the wealthy have won again.

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