More Troops In Afghanistan: Yay!

By Jason Taylor

Is anyone surprised that American military commanders would argue in favor of more troops? So how many more trillions are we spending on a war without end? According to a recent shown on the American History channel, we currently are spending $160,000 per person in the U.S. Where’s the money coming from? — infrastructure, education, healthcare — cuts everywhere but the war machine that hasn’t made us any more secure in the last 16 years.

AMMAN, Jordan?—?President Trump, who has been accused by lawmakers of dragging his feet on Afghanistan, has settled on a new strategy to carry on the nearly 16-year-old conflict there, administration officials said Sunday. The move, following a detailed review, is likely to open the door to the deployment of several thousand troops.

“The president has made a decision,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters on an overnight flight that arrived in Amman, Jordan, on Sunday. “I am very comfortable that the strategic process was sufficiently rigorous.”

Our military strategy for the last 50 years, get involved in something and never pull out because you don’t want the political heat for what will go wrong. Of course, we did get out of Iraq and Vietnam after 10 years because of campaign promises by Obama and Nixon. It’s that simple. I have talked to a lot of people who have been over there and they all say it’s totally hopeless and we have no idea how to help with even public works projects. The best example of this is we build a fire department for a town with fire buildings and 6 big diesel fire trucks. After we put it in place we discovered the town didn’t have a water supply, who else is as dumb as the US?

I haven’t heard anything about what Afghanistan wants. Maybe I’m just being too considerate of people I’ve never met, but it seems the Afghanis or at least the current government might have some opinions about a 16-year war in their country. Nor does it seem our NATO allies were consulted. If Trump wants them involved in carrying out operations, their opinions should matter too. Nor do we yet know if there is an exit strategy or a goal for what’s to be accomplished before we’d feel we could leave. We’ll see if anything is mentioned this evening.

For some years Trump had been against our presence in that country, and sharply critical of Obama for not ending it sooner, but this isn’t the first issue on which he’s contradicted himself, or done the same things for which he blames others.

It doesn’t help my comfort level that the press has a track record of jumping into things without much of a plan, or that he uses one issue to distract from another that isn’t going well for him.

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