What Happens When You No Longer Know Who the Right Side Is?

By Lorana Hoopes

The media is touting the recent rally in Boston as peaceful, and while no one died, I don’t consider a rally with 33 arrests and counter protesters throwing rocks and bottles of urine at the police peaceful.

In addition, a man wearing a Trump hat was chased by a group of counter protesters and cursed at, and an elderly woman had an American flagged ripped from her hands, causing her to fall to the ground. Of course, the media isn’t discussing this.

So who were the right ones? The just ones? The ones who should be deemed okay? The protesters who were holding a free speech rally or the counter protesters who cut the original rally short to squash white supremacy?

It’s hard to tell, right?

Because the organizer of the free speech rally isn’t associated with hate groups. He wanted to speak about religious freedoms being taken away and Politically Correct language causing problems at work. He even told reporters that if White Supremacist groups starting spouting hate, he would shut them down. Kind of goes against his free speech rally, but that makes him a good guy right?

I mean I was on the other end of religious persecution this previous school year. I was slandered by a student simply because I was religious and this student felt that all religious people were bigots. This is a real issue this organizer was talking about, and it’s an issue that made good, decent people support Trump at the polls.

On the other hand, you have the counter protesters standing up against White Supremacy, which everyone applauds. However, some of these protesters chased innocent people, knocked them down, or threw rocks and urine at the police. That doesn’t seem very nice or very respectful. So are they in the wrong?

What it comes down to is this. And I know I’m going to get heat for it, but I think Trump was right. There is blame on both sides. There is hate on both sides. Trading one type of hate for another doesn’t make it any better. Trump picked a terrible time to make his point and in true Trump fashion, he slaughtered his idea with his terrible vocabulary and phrasing, but the idea itself isn’t wrong.

There are also good people on both sides. There were counter protesters who helped the man wearing the Trump shirt and picked up the elderly woman who was knocked down. There are also people who believe historical monuments shouldn’t be destroyed but who don’t support White Supremacy.

A friend of mine posted a video today of an ignorant man from the south spouting hatred, and my friend stated that he thought it was funny and agreed nothing good came out of the South. However, I’m from the South. My friends are from the South. A lot of good things come from the South.

A few months ago, I had a person on Facebook I don’t even know here in the PNW tell me that I should shoot myself because I’m pro-life, but I didn’t go around saying all people in the PNW are so hateful. I’ve had people call me names and suggest all Christians should die when they hear about my faith, but again I don’t associate everyone in the area with those words.

White Supremacy is wrong, but so are groups who suggest killing cops or Christians or military members. There is hate on both sides, but there is also love on both sides. We need to stop focusing on the hate and instead work to show the love.

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  1. I think that’s the most even-handed AND sensible thing I’ve heard or read the past two days. Some things are atrocious, but you kinda kill your own argument when you lash out and attack the person that’s a perceived representative of something you’re against. I’m tired how when something bad happens, the other side has to lash out with bad just a few days after being praised as good. Shooting themselves in the foot all the time. We all have to be better than that. It takes work, and it takes patience and maybe some extra understanding and beating on pillows, but it can happen.

    Thanks for writing–you pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    1. Absolutely. We have to stop creating a line we think separates good from bad and realize there is some of both on both sides and they need to work together to find solutions.

  2. I am surprise that as a Christian you do not know who the right side is. If you took your cue from the work and life of Jesus then you will be able to tell who the right side is. FYI: The right side was not in the crowd at Charlottesville, and it was not in Boston. The right side is Jesus. But we will never be able to recognize it until we start loving our neighbors. Often, Christians attach themselves to social and political issues and before we know it there is no difference between us and the unsaved.

    1. Noel, I completely agree with you. We do try to attach too many labels to ourselves besides the one that really matters – Christ follower. God Bless You!

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