Trump, Bannon: A Cluster Of Racial Hate

By Jason Taylor

Make no mistake: Bannon’s resignation is a red herring. The White House desperately needed to take some of the heat off Trump after his disastrous response to Charlottesville, and Bannon took the fall, in the hope that we would believe the source of Trump’s white supremacist views had been removed. The problem with that strategy is that now we know those views are Trump’s own — he wasn’t just Bannon’s mouthpiece. Trump is still president, and removing Bannon from the White House will not remove him from the sphere of influence behind the scenes. Nothing has really changed.

There’s a lot of wishful thinking in describing Bannon’s departure as an ‘ouster’. Considering his first moves — a meeting with Mercer and going back to Breitbart — this looks more like a plan. He’s spent 7 months in the center, gathering information on the inner workings of the government he wants to bring down. Now that the right is becoming more incendiary, and provoking reactions, Bannon is moving to his next phase.

Bannon’s trade agenda had no long view. No one in the conservative sphere, from the fringe to the mainstream, engages beyond the immediate. Power, short-term profits, income redistribution to the rich are the only goals of their economic program.

World trade is redefining itself and America is out of step and will fall further behind through Trump’s focus on deals rather than development. Winning is not progress!

Until you hear a Republican or conservative tell you the three most important economic trends over the next decade; how America plans to support businesses in leveraging these trends for jobs and higher working class incomes, and end the gap that leaves 5.5 million jobs unfilled monthly (the number of vacancies climbs even as the unemployment rate falls!), and how America can develop the consistent stability of growth seen in the Pearl River zone (China) or in NC’s Research Triangle over the last 60 years, trade policy is only serving the short term purposes of power and wealth.

The current policy is based on blame and mired in failure, ignoring the principles of success driving the global expansion! A telling statistic: by 2027, the US share of the middle class globally is expected to fail from its current 18% to 8%!

Getting rid of Bannon is a symbolic victory for the Generals & Wall Street coalition but there will be an unlikely substantive change in the real sense. Maximum chaos will continue to rage.

People forget Bannon got an ethical waiver while he was at the White House. And waiver or not, people would be naive to believe he and Breitbart were not in active coordination even if he wasn’t running it on a minute-by-minute basis.

Besides, the Kochs and the Mercers remain in the background, with or without various emissaries and consignors scattered around.

America’s real hope lies not in Bannon losing a title in a more educated and cohesive opposition to Trump’s and Bannon’s agendas, driven by various motives. Those unholy alliances will ruin America. Sadly, judging from the behavior exhibited in Boston yesterday, the various factions of opposition prefer to vent their frustration to effecting real change. Why did the BLM want to cause trouble for the Boston Police is beyond understanding. It is really minute stuff. But the police and the city are on their side. The alt- and far-right elements have suffered a moral defeat.

The same with some readers here. Some still have the habit of denouncing columnists like David Brooks and Maureen Dowd but in fact, there it is far better way to find and support a more cohesive Democratic coalition. Really, the said columnists were unlikely the reason of Hilary’s loss in the upper Mid West.

Steve Bannon (the ex-alt-president) is a Strauss and Neil Howe (general theorists) worshiper: Strauss and Neil argued that American history operates in four-stage cycles that move from major crisis to awakening to major crisis. These crises are called “Fourth Turnings.”  Bannon, in interviews, speeches and writing — and especially in his embrace of Strauss and Howe — he has made clear that he is, first and foremost, an apocalypticist. Bannon believes that war is inevitable.

Bannon has a “need and compulsion” for war. Compulsion: an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, especially against one’s conscious wishes. War is within Bannon and people with compulsions will go to great extremes to act out those compulsions. Bannon’s compulsion isn’t a need for too much ice cream or the need to go to some specific place in the world…his is “War”. He had placed himself in a position that “his compulsion” would affect the entire world.

He is a kind of mental illness that,when combined with great power, money, and authority…it could be the end of the known world. He has a great need for this recreation.

Whether Bannon’s Agenda survives is of no consequence – it is TRUMP who
must NOT be allowed to survive as President. IMPEACHMENT is calling and the GOP MUST choose country over party.

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