Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

by Lauren Wynn

Last week, we watched as Jaime Lannister emerged from the river alive while his brother, Tyrion, surveyed the ashes left behind from Daenerys and Drogon’s attack. The Mother of Dragon’s offered the survivors an opportunity to bend the knee and live or to resist and die. House Tarly – father and son – refused and were burned alive as the troops looked on. Those who remained immediately surrendered to her rule.

Back in Westeros, Jaime tells his sister of the decimation of her army and breaks the news that Olenna Tyrell killed their son.

Jon Snow comes face to face with Drogon – the great beast allowing the King in the North to touch him while the bond between Jon and The Dragon Queen deepens.

Sir Joren returns to the Dragon Queen’s service. Brandon Stark – the Three-Eyed-Raven – sees the Army of the Dead marching south and sends ravens to the Citadel and to his brother, Jon. King Jon and Sir Joren agree to go and capture a night-walker to take to Queen Cersei to convince her to join with them against a common enemy.

In the north, there are challenges to Jon’s leadership, which highlight a division between the Stark sisters. The Lannister brothers meet face-to-face on Casterly Rock, while Davos Seaworth seeks out the lad he saved – the bastard son of Robert Baratheon, Gendry – who immediately proves himself useful.

Cersei reveals that yet another child has been conceived via her incestuous relationship with her brother.

So many people leaving and taking different paths. Palace intrigue abounds and a small band – including bastard sons of great men – goes north of the wall to an uncertain destiny. What will episode 6 bring?

“Death is the enemy and the enemy always wins.”

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Former grassroots state lead for Evan McMullin's 2016 Presidential campaign, Wynn, now a resident of Washington, DC, is an avid student of government and politics, and a freelance writer and blogger. Contributor to @eatprayvote

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