Christina Grimmie: Gone But Never Forgotten

By Tiffany Rodgers

Warning: this piece will ruffle NRA sympathizers and by the way, no one really cares.

Remember Christina Grimme? She tried out for the sixth season of The Voice. She made it to third place that season. Like any good artist, she let that experience catapult her into being able to do what she loved. Here is her audition song ‘Wrecking Ball’:

You may be wondering how she is doing nowadays. Well, she was murdered in June 2016 by a crazed fan. After a show in Orlando, she was having a meet and greet autograph signing session. She greeted (unknowingly) the psycho with open arms. He in return shot her three times in the head, point blank. Her brother tackled the low-life creep, where he managed to commit suicide.

She shouldn’t have been taken from us at such a young age. Everyone that met her only had positive things to say about her. Here she is just being her silly self. She loved having fun with life.

Twitter exploded after her death. Her dear friend, Selena Gomez, was one of the people that sent out heart-wrenching tweets.

The tribute tweets could go on and on. it is apparent that she will be missed and treasured forever. The reason you may not remember her passing is due to the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. It happened the very next night. She was murdered four miles away from the Pulse nightclub.

Her murderer (which I refuse to name him – he doesn’t deserve it) had two handguns, magazines, and a hunting knife. This is where gun violence needs to be examined. It is far too easy for anyone to get their hands on this instant killing vessel. Don’t get your panties in a twist just yet NRA folks. The second amendment is still important and will remain in place. However, stricter laws should be introduced and accepted.

I propose a law in honor of Christina Grimmie. Obviously, it should be named after her. The law is to include stricter mental illness screening. Perhaps, if one had to be cleared by a licensed psychologist prior to buying a gun, Christina would still be here. There were red flags everywhere with her deranged murderer. Trained psychologists might not catch all, but it would put a huge damper in the amount of mentally ill people getting their hands on weapons.

Guns are swift killing machines. It should be extremely difficult to get your hands on one, let alone multiples. Her family has started a foundation in her and her mother’s (three-time breast cancer survivor) honor.

Do not forget the touching tribute9a2b53e1c7e6f51c7e6a56fff63f2bab--christina-grimme-hairstyle.jpg by Team Adam.

You will forever be remembered and honored, Christina. Let’s end this piece with her singing Adele’s ‘Hello from the other side’. She shouldn’t be on the other side, but surely she is a beautiful singing angel now.

‘It’s no secret that the both of us – Are running out of time – Hello from the outside’

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