The Deafening Roar of the “Resign Now” Drums

By Lynda Lamp 

Friday, August 18, 2017, was Chief Strategist Steve Bannon’s last day at the White House. According to multiple sources, Mr. Bannon turned in his resignation letter on Monday, August 7th. Presumably, he was giving the White House two weeks notice. How very kind of him.

Many of us have been referring to the President’s Chief Strategist as President Bannon, since the President appears to have no plan of his own for America, but has allowed the people who he has surrounded himself with to supply him with a “plan.” It’s my theory that this is why our lives have seemed so chaotic for the past 8 months.  It’s government “by committee.” If you have ever worked on a committee, you may understand what I mean. Quite often with a committee, everyone has a personal agenda, and they push for their agenda to be included. If you have ever seen architecture that was designed by a committee, you saw the result I’m referring to. Those buildings tend to be a mishmash of styles, resulting in a chaotic display that is rarely easy on the eyes. Certainly, this Administration has not been easy on the American people.



Today’s plot twist leaves the President isolated in the Oval Office, with just Pence remaining from his inner circle pictured here. This photo is from February. The President is reportedly on the phone with Putin.

This most recent departure of a member of the inner circle has been a long time coming, but it doesn’t fulfill what the real drumbeat has been for, which is for the President to resign.

The demands for the President’s resignation have been going on for some time now. Some stem from his loss of the popular vote by over three million votes. Some stem from Russia’s apparent involvement in the 2016 election. Some demands for resignation stem from the enormous amount of money the President is making as a result of being in office. Some demands for resignation stem from the lack of his tax returns. I could go on. There have also been numerous calls for impeachment of the President in the last 8 months, and those demands have been increasing with the progression of the Russia Investigation.

I searched #Resign on Twitter and was shown one tweet, then an offer to follow the President (@realDonaldTrump), followed by too many tweets to count. My search for #ResignTrump got me an offer to follow the President first before any tweets, #ResignNow yields two tweets before the offer to follow the President, #ResignNowTrump gets an offer to follow the President immediately followed by tweets. The list of suggestions the President resign is long leading up to August 10, 2017, when Al Gore past Vice-President answered “Resign, immediately,” when asked what advice he might give to the President during an interview.

But since Saturday, August 12, 2017, and the incidents in Charlottesville, VA, the death of Heather Heyer and the President’s shockingly unAmerican and fascist response, the demands for the President’s resignation have taken on a deafening roar.

Rolling Stone and Jesse Berney suggested the President resign back in June, documenting ample reason, but on August 16, 2017, Rolling Stone published his editorial Republicans Must Tell Trump to Go – Now, History won’t judge them kindly if they stand by the president:

Investigations and impeachments and Senate trials take time, and we don’t have time any more. The president has to go now, and it’s up to his fellow Republicans to get him to leave.

This week’s news has been filled with reports of rejections of the President’s stand on Charlottesville.  CEOs resigned boardsCommittees disbanded,* predictions were made by his ghostwriter of his resignation by fall,  and the entire Arts Council, all 16 members unanimously resigned. (*The President says he disbanded The American Manufacturing Council and Strategy and Policy Forum and but in truth, so many CEOs resigned that the President did a “you can’t quit, I fire you move” and claimed it was his idea to disband the boards.)

While the military may not be talking about the President’s resignation, the New York Times reports the shocking moves taken by numerous members of the military in response to the President’s remarks about Charlottesville:

Five of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, representing the Navy, the Marines, the Army, the Air Force and the National Guard, posted messages on social media condemning hatred and neo-Nazis, saying that the extremist violence in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday went against the military’s core values.

Wrapping up the week, August 18, 2017, a bill was introduced requesting the Vice President to ask the President to resign, invoking the 25th amendment. Newsweek reports:

… Friday’s bill is the first of its kind urging a sitting vice president to work to remove a president from office because of an alleged mental illness, and it may just be the first in a series of Democratic calls to employ the 25th Amendment.

More and more people are saying “enough is enough,” and “time for him to go.”

Where is the GOP? The Democrats will continue to introduce legislation in attempts to find traction with some form of removal of the sitting President. But the GOP will need to declare their intentions soon. Recess is almost over.

What can you do to help? Call, write, fax, text, email and visit your representatives.  If you are ready for the President to resign, let your voice be heard. Stand up, speak up, talk to friends, family, neighbors. Write editorials to your local papers, call into radio talk shows. Talk to the Trump supporters you know (if you feel safe in doing so) and find out how they feel about what’s happened in Charlottesville, VA and the death of an innocent woman at the hands of a Nazi on American soil. Ask them how they feel about this rise in white-supremacy. If they are in favor of it, ask them how they think we reconcile our differences?

One of the reasons we have this problem with hate in our country is that we’ve been afraid to have the conversation necessary to heal the hate. It’s not sufficient to “agree to disagree” if that leaves hate festering in people’s hearts.

It’s the 21st century, and the current President is giving us an opportunity to make real change, substantive change.  He is giving us an opportunity to heal our Country. The question is, will we take the opportunity and do something new or will we resort to our old ways and just try to kill off the people we don’t’ like?

That may sound harsh, but it is the reality that is presenting itself. David Duke and all the people he represents and stands with believe that the President is going to make America what they want America to be.

That is a very different America than the one we live in or the one imagined by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Some people welcome violence. They are a tiny percentage, but they are here, and they are well armed. They have been planning this for some time.

Every time the President capitulates to them, we lose ground, but every time he surrenders to us, it enrages them.

Since we make up the majority, it is imperative that the President resign.  Let’s hope the drumming becomes deafening and that we wake up one day soon to the news of his retreat to his golden tower.

Remember, we’re being given the opportunity to love our way out of our troubles here, not hate our way out.

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