Heather Heyer’s Mother Isn’t Interested In Talking To The President

by Ben Lewis

In an interview this morning on Good Morning America, Susan Bro, who is the mother of Charlottesville murder victim Heather Heyer, was asked if she had talked to President Donald Trump Her response was “I have not, and now I will not.”

She indicated that she missed the first call from the White House because she was at her daughter’s funeral, but that after she “saw an actual clip of him at a press conference equating the protesters…with the KKK and the white supremacists,” she has no interest in speaking with him. She further commented that the President “can’t wash this one away by shaking my hand and saying ‘I’m sorry.'”

As our readers will no doubt remember, when Gold Star father Sadiq Khan dared to challenge the President, Trump attacked Khan. It could get awfully ugly should Trump choose to push back. Ms. Bro has already received death threats.  What will happen if the President does as he usually does in these situations and uses his bully pulpit to fight back against a freshly-grieving mother? The sheer fact that we have to consider that as a legitimate possibility speaks volumes about the character of our President.

Pray for our country.



You may watch the full interview here:


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  1. I first have to send my sincere sympathies to Heather Heyer’s family. They are enduring the most heartbreaking time of their lives and I know the entire country grieves with them. As usual, Donald Trump shirks his responsibility as president to comfort families who have lost loved ones to these senseless acts of terrorism. It’s apparent that this part of his brain is underdeveloped. He wants to stay in middle ground, not make a statement denouncing the murderers so as to not lose any of their votes should he last until the next election. Let’s hope he does not.
    I applaud Susan Bro for publicly speaking out against Trump.
    Ammendment 25.

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