Forget The Statues – It’s Time To Get Rid of Donald Trump

By Susan Kuebler

America has a much greater problem facing it than the presence of statues to soldiers of the Confederate Army.  They represent the racism of the past.  But racism has a new hero now.  One who is living and serving as the president of the United States.  It serves no purpose to tear down memorials of the past if the virulent virus of racism sits in the Oval Office.

Never since the aborted presidential campaign of avowed segregationist  George Wallace in 1972 has any candidate failed to repudiate white supremacy along with its underlying foundation of racism.  Ronald Reagan denounced it.  Mitt Romney denounced.  But when questioned about David Duke during the 2016 campaign, Trump hemmed and hawed, claiming he wasn’t sure he was, and would have to “look into” Duke’s support of his campaign.  This equivocation by Trump raised red flags in some corners, but apparently also sent out a clear message to the wrong people.

This was not the only instance where Trump flew his racist banner.  He accused a federal judge of being unable to rule fairly on the suit filed against him regarding Trump University because the judge had a “Mexican” name.  While Speaker Ryan called it out as “racism” he nonetheless continued to support Trump’s candidacy.  And allowed another signal to be sent that the Republican Party was ready to do business with the alt-right.

After assuming office, Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon to a Senior Advisor position in the White House caused deep concern among all right-thinking Americans.  When Bannon was given a prominent role on the National Security Council, eyes rolled among even some of the most devoted Trump supporters.

Today brought the welcome news that Bannon no longer will be working in the White House.  But that is not enough!  There is nothing to prevent Trump from picking up the phone and asking his old buddy Steve for advice.  And people like Stephen Miller, poster boy of the alt-right, is still employed by Trump along with his friend Sebastian Gorka.  Bannon’s departure essentially changes nothing as long as Miller, Gorka, and Trump remain in the White House.

Even Bernie Sanders got it right when he said “The problem was never just Steve Bannon.  It was, and always will be Donald Trump.”

Forget expecting Trump to change.  He is still the same man who defended Putin’s murder of journalists to Bill O’Reilly by saying “we’ve done some bad things too.”  He is still the same man who attacks any one or any organization who disagrees with him in the slightest, including the Majority Leader of his party in the Senate and a vulnerable Republican Senator facing re-election.

Richard Nixon’s former White House Counsel John Dean once said during Watergate that there was “a cancer on the presidency.”  What we are facing is far worse than a cancer.  It is the virus of racism in the Oval Office and the West Wing.  Unlike cancer, it can be spread from person to person.  There is no vaccine and there is no cure.  The only protection against it is total isolation, beginning at the top.  Patient Zero.  Donald Trump.

As long as he remains in office, this virus, which lay dormant for years, has sprung back into life again.  Just as the only way to kill a serpent is to cut off its head (you knew damn well he was a snake when you took him in) the only way to stop this virus from spreading is to stop it at the source.  Light can kill certain viruses.  Shine the light of truth and justice on Trump.  Send him scurrying back to the darkness like the rat he is.

The wall around Trump, not the one along the Mexican border, is beginning to crumble. America is a good nation, a great nation.  We are a good people.  We do not need Trump or his minions polluting the system.  For the good of the nation, for the safety and security of its citizens, Congress must call for Trump’s resignation.  If he is allowed to fester in the White House much longer, he may make it uninhabitable for any future President.

Yes, by all means remove the statues the memorialize the Confederacy.  But while you’re at it, remove the man who defended the KKK, the neo-nazis, and the white supremacists.  He poses a much greater danger to our national health.

It is time to get rid of Donald Trump.


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