Will the Violence Ever End?

By Lorana Hoopes

On September 11, 2001, our world was rocked when terrorists hijacked planes and flew them into the Twin Towers and other buildings. I had flown to Germany just before and saw the towers. When I returned a few weeks later, smoke was still all you could see. I still have a fear of flying.

But now terrorists are using vehicles to mow people down in the streets. It happened in Charlottesville last weekend – and while that man was not with ISIS, he was without a doubt a terrorist. It is happened in Berlin, London, and Nice. And today, it happened in Barcelona, Spain.

At about eleven a.m. eastern time, a van rammed into a populated, pedestrian-heavy street in Barcelona, killing thirteen and injuring at least eighty others. Eye witnesses claim they heard the engine rev before plowing into the crowd. ISIS has now claimed the attack. I don’t like the phrase “taken responsibility for” because they certainly aren’t doing that.

They aren’t going to be paying the hospital bill for the eighty people being treated. They aren’t going to be paying the funeral costs for the thirteen killed. They aren’t going to be funding the counseling for the survivors who witnessed the atrocious event. No, they are going to continue doing what they do – killing innocent people in heinous and cowardly ways.

The violence and the intolerance is spreading. Whether it’s destroying public property of old statues or chanting hate filled speech through the streets or ramming crowds with vehicles, it is too much. We need to stop focusing on the hate and start focusing on how to work together.

Pointing fingers and shifting blame doesn’t create solutions. It only creates more problems. It’s time to find solutions.

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