Tweeter-In-Chief: First Six Month Recap (4th Month)

By Darrell Roberts 

President Trump has sent lots of tweets.  The best tweets.  Nobody tweets better than he does.  By today’s unofficial count, in less than seven-months in office, the President has sent 1,264 tweets (that is not counting those that have been deleted).

At this point, the President’s ridiculous Twitter use is starting to impede my ability to write more articles about the fellow.

REMINDER: This is only a small sampling to recap the Trump Presidency based on tweets.  One must remember that these tweets are considered as an official record that will be forever a part of the President’s historical legacy.  Therefore, all those who consider themselves politically knowledgeable should include reviewing the President’s tweets on a routine basis.

NOTE: To all those asking for Trump not to tweet–GREAT WORK–as it will only encourage him to send more tweets.  Let’s be honest, Trump’s tweets are the window to his true-self.  In fact, his tweets provide the greatest insight into the mind, views, and political ineptitude of the President and it’s the public’s best source to know the real Trump.  As a wise man said (it was me), “One will find no greater Trump truth (aka #AlternativeFact) than a Trump tweet.”

Trump In Tweets from Apr. 20, 2017, to May. 20, 2017

One- C.O.D.:

What was the message that Former Mexican President Vicente Fox said about Mexico paying for the wall?  It was something like, “Nah.” 

Two and Three- Would Still What?:

Would still beat Hillary in the popular vote?  Does Trump know what “popular vote” means?  That’s a fair question as he did lose by nearly 3 million votes.  That’s not #AlternativeFact it is #ProvableTruth

Four- Building That Wall!:

How are those achievements looking?  Mexico pay for “The Wall” yet?  Is America Great Again?  Now, if you classify Trump’s businesses making profits off of his Presidency to include (but not limited to): doubling the membership fee to Mar-A-Lago, the unaccounted for profits into his D.C. hotel, and of course, his renting golf carts and space to the Secret Service to protect him–then yes, he a long list of achievements.

To those wondering about Trump’s monetary gain from the Presidency–Check out this great August article from The Atlantic, titled ‘Trump’s Interests vs. America’s, Dubai Edition.’

Five- Not All Wrong:

Does the President ever read?  Just wondering, as he seems to lack a basic understanding of most issues.  To help him out here’s a short and easy read to familiarize President Trump with Andrew Jackson.

Hopefully, one of his staffers will print the article out and add some nice words about Trump to spark enough interest for him to read a few paragraphs.  

Six- You got that right:

One must wonder if Trump has multiple nicknames for himself.  Sure, we know about Easy-D but what about Fake News?  Could that be a secret nickname of the President? Just an opinion (of most Americans), but it is not the media that is “officially out of control” and “will do or say anything in order to get attention.”  However, Trump’s statement that there has “never been a time like this!”–totally nails it.


Sure, that hashtag is too long for the President to bother reading–so, yours truly will likely remain unscathed in his future attacks.  However, at this point, it would be an honor to be publicly condemned by the President as a way to verify my position on the “right side” of history.


Seven- Does Trump Realize Video Exists?:

What were the President’s promises again? Fact-check.  It must be difficult for Trump supporters to not only still trying to defend “Repeal & Replace” but to even defend Trump’s Presidency, PERIOD.


Eight- It was a Just Bill on Capitol Hill:

Not only did the POTUS celebrate a bill having passed only in the House–he would later criticize the same bill for being “mean.”  Plus, is anyone 100% sure that the President knew that a bill is not a law after it was passed only in the House?   Just in case, here is an attempt to help President Trump gain a better grasp of the lawmaking process from an old-time classic:  ‘I’m Just a Bill from SchoolHouse Rock!’

PS: Around the two-minute mark it explains what happens after a bill passes the House of Representatives.   

Nine- Thank you for such a Bigly Sacrifice:

President Trump sacrifices so much for the American people.  Remember when the President listed his sacrifices to the Khan family?  Let us not forget that some fine folks are keeping tabs of Trump’s visits and costs to both his Bedminster and Mar-A-Lago homes.

Ten- Say Again?:

That’s not what the President’s position on those job reports before his Presidency.  In fact, Trump called those numbers phony, made up, and an absolute disaster.


A personal statement:

I have been anti-Trump since the early 2000s.  It started as a friendly debate that centered around Trump being a “great” and “self-made” businessman.  My research to prove either me or my friend wrong ended up revealing a lot about Trump’s character (even back then).  Thus, my personal anti-Trump position has origins in his lack of character and is not partisan or political.  To be honest with you, I still do not know what Trump’s actual political positions truly are (does anybody?).  In my view, Donald Trump is best described by the wonderful (I am a “fan boy”) Fareed Zakaria when he called Trump a “bullshit artist” (which he explains as different than a liar) on live TV.  Of course, that would not be suitable to put in an article about any other President or most other human beings.  However, for Trump, it’s important for us not to modify ourselves to conform an acceptance to his level of absurdity.  He is not a normal human being, he is not a normal President.

The President is currently being criticized for his most recent deplorable actions–but it should not be a surprise.  Why do you think so many of us have been so anti-Trump?  It is because we have not forgotten or marginalized all of his horrible behavior.  This includes accusations (and an infamous tape) of abusive behavior toward women, his disrespect toward Senator John McCain’s POW status, his disrespect toward the Khans (A Gold Star family), his accusations of criminal activity (which turned out to be false) against numerous folks to include President Obama, and his blatant disrespect toward other blood and gut troops (to include numerous Generals).  

To me, none of these things were acceptable.  Thus, his latest outrage inducing words and behavior toward the terrorist attack that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia should not come as a surprise–as he has constantly displayed such repulsiveness.  Thus, I encourage people not to just stop forgetting his past actions, but wake up–it is time to start holding President Trump accountable.  

Finally, I would like to recognize those that stood by their true beliefs over partisan politics.  Thank you: Ana Navarro, Richard Painter, Governor John Kasich, Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, George Will, and to all those GOPers in the #NeverTrump movement–have my utmost respect.

During times of hate, be love and do something kind. 

Thank you for your time,

Darrell Roberts


  1. I’m wondering when there will be a corporate review of Trumps job performance. This Tweeter-in-Chief doesn’t seem to realize that there is a country that needs to be run. He has “peed” away his first term..seriously, it seems that long. He’s thrown the duties of the office under the bus in exchange for golf, vacations, insulting foreign dignitaries, insulting all members of the administration, running his private businesses and, of course, tweeting. He looks exhausted and yet he’s done nothing a sitting president should be doing. Did he even look at the job description before he decided to jump in over his head? He’s also spending time throwing rallies for his supporters so he can run his toxic mouth about everyone who doesn’t worship him. Add time spent campaigning for his second term…Good Lord!…and I’d say we have a dead beat potus.
    Most of his time is spent away from his desk. Anyone else who performed so poorly would have been shown the door by now.
    He is a perfect example of someone who is unable (unfit) to serve. Ammendment 25.

  2. Bravo, Jackie. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Your words are spot-on and the phrase “dead beat potus” has now been added to my vocabulary. The overall thing that you, me, and all the rest see in Trump is that he is categorically unqualified to be in charge of anything–especially the country many of us love known as the United States of America. To me, Trump’s greatest failing (which there are many to choose from) is his lack of respect for the position that he now holds. During my lifetime, he is the first US President to show absolutely no respect for the position he now holds. Furthermore, I agree 1000% that Trump is the perfect example for why the 25 Amendment was written.

  3. Thanks, Darrell for the positive feedback. I never was involved with social media until Trump bought his job. I needed an outlet for my frustration and I was on Twitter blasting away at him every chance I got. I guess they didn’t appreciate my honesty and tried to give me a time out for being abusive. I’m not nor have I ever been abusive…I am, however, rude and direct so I bowed out and have found that commenting on this site is sustaining my need to rip into Trump when he deserves it. Eat Pray Vote is awesome.

  4. Jackie, I would have never guessed that you had not engaged in social media prior to Trump’s clown show took over the nation. I don’t know how much experience you have with writing, but the passion of your words suggests that you are a natural. Also, Thank you for reading E.P.V. Your comments, suggestions, or even words of disagreement are always welcome on my writings. Besides, it’s so difficult to express one’s true feelings on the man-baby known as Trump in only 140-characters. Here is to hoping that tomorrow will be a better day as if for no other reason–than for being day closer to the end of Trump’s “Presidency.”

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