Trump Is On The Attack

By Jason Taylor

When will Congress, Republicans, and Democrats, Senators and Representatives, grow a backbone and jointly condemn the President’s actions AND ask for his resignation? It is time. Allowing this incompetent, ill-prepared, narcissistic child in an adult body to continue as President will only further diminish our hard-earned reputation as a morally solid member of the world community. The consequences for every American, regardless of race, ethnicity, economic station or otherwise will be devastating.

The man has proved himself totally unfit for office. His actions resemble those of a crazy man. Advisers thinking their man lacks the capacity to do the job are totally correct: as they overcome being “stunned, despondent and numb,” they really should resign in protest. That’s the only way out for decent men and women (although one might question decency in anyone who joined this administration).

I am only left to wonder when the time will come for those who work with and for the President to finally say enough is enough. Setting aside any pretense about what is in the President’s heart, it hardly matters given that as president it matters most what he actually says. I wait for the time when a high official, rather than hanging his/her head, or remaining silent, or denouncing what happened without somehow mentioning DT by name, publicly calls him out and refuses to work with a person who cannot see how wrong and how inappropriate are the things that he decides he can say.

Maybe this is the time for General Kelly to display the bravery that is part of who he is, or the Jewish Americans who loyally serve this country in the military or in the administration to publicly say, without qualification that ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Loyalty to this country MUST ultimately out weigh loyalty to a man who seems determined to divide, sow hate and consistently choose to act on his own personal whims than on behalf of the nation. Please, Mr. Trump, call it a day, go back to your business career where you can brag you are a counter puncher and mainly suffer the consequences of your decisions on your own.

You can take Trump out of Trump tower, but you can not take Trump out of Trump, a lesson that Kelly is learning now as did Spicer, Priebus et al. Everybody knew where his sympathies were all along, he did not hide them, it was rather the GOP which choose not to act upon it, although they paid some lip service (” A textbook definition of racism”, Ryan last year, for example)
His calls for violence was exactly to rile up this base, at his rallies, ordering people to be punched, advocating openly to consider shooting his opponent, and on…..There were no condemnations a few days after the inauguration either when Nazi leader Spencer had “Sieg Heil” chants a few feet away from the WH with raised Hitler salutes…..”very fine people” indeed.

He is not a unifier, he is the opposite, he is a fire accelerant, he acts like the cladding of the highrise in London to our society. The tearing apart of the GOP which was predicted for last fall was just camouflaged by his (Moscow-aided) surprise win. But he is an acid which is finally burning through the nation’s and the party’s fabric, like an inextinguishable phosphor liquid.

Put a lid on him now, deprive him of the oxygen he needs to fuel his disgraceful ego. Call upon the 25th amendment. NOW.

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  1. Yes, Donald Trump is on the attack. It’s the only way he knows how to respond to anything negative about him. He doesnt have the ability to take a step back, look at any situation and admit that maybe…just maybe, he was not 100% correct. To himself, he is never wrong, no matter what he’s said or done, he is never wrong. He changes things around to make it look like he is the misunderstood victim in every situation. All of his CEOs have just turned their backs on him and basically shut down the business council, yet Trump is taking credit for doing that himself. He said he had many, many people waiting in line to jump on board to replace anyone who resigned but that was just a blustery Trump refusing to admit that he was the one who got shut down. He’s being disassociated with by people with money and clout and it’s infuriating him.
    The more people disagree with him and criticize him the more out of control he is getting. His mental state is deteriorating every day. So, I say we just keep up the pressure. There’s no shortage of mistakes coming out of the Oval Office -via Trumps mouth. He will never resign, he has too much fake pride to do that. The GOP doesn’t seem to have the backbone to invoke Ammendment 25. But if he keeps getting called out on his outrageous blunders, his head might just explode, then, the world will breathe a sigh of relief.

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