Immediate Threat To Obamacare Would Send Premiums Skyrocketing

By Jason Taylor

When the House passed its version of their health care bill, Trump said it was mean, and the CBO confirmed that millions would become uninsured, as it has for all alternatives which the Senate had proposed. Now Trump has threatened to stop the subsidies that have maintained health insurance for millions.

His threat is punitive and millions will lose health insurance. So, how are Trump’s threats any less meaningful than the others failed proposals? Trump’s threat is both punitive and despicable. This man does not deserve to be the President of the majority of people in the US, who no longer support him according to the most recent polls.

Trump and Republican elected officials in “non-Medicare” exchange states believe they won’t be hurt if subsidies are withheld simply because of their belief that ACA participants are one step above poverty, lower middle class poor and don’t vote anyway. They don’t seem to comprehend that loss of coverage to these people means that everyone starts using the local emergency rooms at county hospitals again for everything from a serious injury to the treatment of the common cold.

If Trump wants a recession on his hands, cutting subsidies to keep insurance companies afloat, and people access to health care, will tank about 20% of the economy. Of course, the CBO does not mention what happens if the economy goes into recession what happens to tax revenue. Also, do not expect Congress to provide extended unemployment benefits, either. And, of course, all those people who have 401ks will see their savings tank.

To this sad news should also be added the fact that Trump promised his true-believing base supporters that he is a savvy deal-maker. As such, he should have been working diligently with the insurance and pharmaceutical companies to work out better arrangements, and better ways of ensuring the more people can be insured and receive the treatments they need. But that would be too civilized for Trump. It would also go against Trump’s core belief that for-profit insurance companies should be allowed to behave without regard for anyone but their shareholders. It’s been somewhat encouraging to see some Trump voters realize they have been hung out to dry by their president regarding health care, but, more than anything else, it is heartbreaking.

The President is serious about sabotaging the ACA for one reason. He is aware that premiums would rise and the impact on the deficit would be negative. He is driven to unwind the law because it was passed by Barack Obama, a man who has more intelligence, integrity and moral grounding in his big toe than Trump have in his whole body…..and it bugs the crap out of him.

It is not ObamaCare and should not be treated or called ObamaCare if it is being gutted and set-up for failure. Last year the corridors closed thanks to a bill sponsored by Speaker Paul Ryan. This year, there is no incentive to join a program unless you are sick since there is no penalty. Already, this is not ObamaCare as it doesn’t have the protections initially subscribed. Taking away the other subsidies, certainly, makes this a horse of a different color. Ever since a plan was hatched to kill The Affordable Care Act with repeal or replace or through any means necessary, it ceased to be the same program. Please stop referring to it as ObamaCare — It is not and has not ever since Speaker Ryan fired the first blow across the bow.

Yes, Donald, health care is very complex. If starving it is your way to crash the ACA, then it will take the rest of the economy with it. If it does not go that far, a number of insurance companies will not offer insurance. That will leave a lot of people high and dry, with no insurance and maybe no job. And, if you go further and cut taxes for you, corporate America and the 1%, the voter backlash will be intense.

Idiocy knows no bounds with the Trump Administration.

It is time – once again – to show up at those town hall meetings and put pressure on our Congress. Speaking for myself, this is exhausting but so important to see it through. Let’s keep in mind that Trump is unhinged. I truly feel he has reached a point of no return. He cares not one iota for our health and welfare. His motives have spiraled down from just wanting a “win” to vengeance against a growing army of disillusioned Americans who dare criticize him. This embarrassment of a human being is beyond hope, and so are our efforts if we insist on just dealing with him. I have no love for our Republican-led Congress. But I see no other way for their constituents to have the health care that is their right other than appealing to our Senators and Representatives. Let’s keep it up…

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Trump has failed to erase Obamacare aka “Anything Associated with Obama”. He’s failed to do just about anything except play golf. His approval rating has tanked and is getting lower every week. Now, he gone completely insane and refused to condemn the KKK/White Supremacy club. He has become unhinged and he’s only going to get worse. Yet, he stands defiant before America and tries to justify all the poor decisions he’s made. There’s no doubt in my mind he knows his days are numbered. BUT, before he gets tossed out of office, he’s going to make America pay for not idolizing him. We haven’t given him the love and adoration he thinks he deserves and for that the whole country will pay. He will demolish what ever he can before he goes. Then, when we are struggling with everyday life…no insurance, stock market crash, 401 depleation, he will sit back and smile, claiming it’s our fault for not believing he was the savior he sold himself to be.
    Change is coming, Trump will be impeached. I just hope it’s not too late.

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