Heather Heyer: Modern Day Martyr

By Tiffany Rodgers

Heather Heyer is being laid to rest today. She died after being hit by a car protesting white supremacy. This brave passionate young woman should not be gone. She will live on in our hearts.

Heather’s dad, Mark Heyer, gave an emotional eulogy about his daughter. He speaks of forgiveness. This man has an enormous about of love. Not many would be so willing to forgive. He goes on to speak about how Heather wanted equality for everyone. Also, that she was passionate and just wanted to put down hate.

Heather’s mother, Susan Bro, gave an equally emotional eulogy about Heather’s legacy. She states that they had to kill Heather in order to silence her. “But guess what you just magnified her”. The attendees break out into a roaring applause. She went on to say:

Twitter has reached out to show support for Heather Heyer, a true-modern day martyr.

Even Trump, who will not even condemn white supremacists for this murder of Heyer during their botched violent protest, wanted to give his well wishes.

Twitter goes on to remember this truly special woman.

This should not have happened, especially not in 2017. A war has already been fought against this. Heather Heyer will always be remembered for her sacrifice. Her commitment and passion for what is right will never be forgotten. We deeply wish that you will rest in peace.

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