Trump Tweet: Deleted but Never Gone

By Tiffany Rodgers

Someone needs to sit lil’ Donnie down and explain the internet. He needs to know that the internet is forever. If you post something that you decide shouldn’t be posted, well, it is too late. He needs to be cautious of what he posts.

On Tuesday morning, Trump posted a “Trump train” cartoon picture plowing over a CNN reporter. He then quickly deleted the tweet due to the negative responses he was getting. The few grown-ups that are left in Washington probably told Trump to delete this tweet immediately.

What is the big deal about this ignorant post? Just over the weekend, a woman was plowed over and killed by a car. Trump didn’t really condemn those who did it. In a sense, due to his inability to call them out, he was condoning their actions. Suggesting a train hit a reporter would be inciting and encouraging more violence.

Is that the message the president should be sending out? It is rather insensitive and counterintuitive. The similarities between the cartoon and real life are just too close. If Trump had any sense of a normal emotional response this would have set a red flag off in his head. Perhaps, he wouldn’t have even posted such a picture. Unfortunately, we have a leader without what would be called a normal amount of empathy or even just decency.

To make matters worse (yes it gets worse) Trump retweeted the image from a racist twitter account. Doesn’t this just prove Trump himself is racist? This account has promoted any and every form of racism and bigotry. Why is our leader even looking at posts such an account -encouraging such an account to continue on? Trump may be able to read a pre-written statement, but his actions speak louder to how he truly feels. His buddy, Bannon, is also a racist (just to name one – there are a plethora of more racist folks sitting next to him – advising him). Ever heard the phase, “we are who we hang around?”

Trump is the biggest racist that has ever been in the White House. How did such a vile person get in the White House? Trump is a white supremacist sympathizer. Have you heard that Trump cut funding to organizations that we’re fighting against white supremacy and neo-nazis.

Why would one cut funding if they truly thought this group of people were a threat? It shows Trump’s true colors. It shows the true colors of those around Trump. America is in need of true leader! One who will have the moral rights that coincide with the Constitution.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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  1. Only a technological moron, like Trump, would think that deleting something on the Internet makes it go away. Tsk Tsk Mr. President, every tweet, even the deleted ones, live on literally forever once on the Internet. You can paint a picture of how the man thinks just by reviewing his tweet history.

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