North Korea Halts Missile Attack – For Now

By Tiffany Rodgers

North Korea just decided to put a hold on the missile launch towards Guam. This is a brief sigh of relief (although one never knows what tomorrow will bring especially with Trump at the helm). Could this be a sliver of decency from Kim Jong-Un? Doubtful. However, one can still hope.

They said that Jong-Un will be watching to see what “the foolish Yankees” do before making a decision. More than likely they saw the appalling display of civil unrest over the weekend. Why wouldn’t they wait to see if America doesn’t just implode.

Perhaps Jong-Un just had a moment of clarity, due to South Korea and China urging calm and having a renewed push for diplomatic resolutions. The tough sanctions that were recently put on North Korea may have assisted in the decision to hold for a moment. One can only imagine the reason for the halt of their missiles.

Whatever the reason may be, let’s hope it is a permanent one. Let’s also hope that Trump doesn’t screw it up with his mouth. Or worse yet his twitter addiction. This moment should be seized. Finally, the two insecure lil boys are playing in the sand box together. Keep playing nice now boys. Nukes are not toys. They are to only be thought of as a last resort. It would do them both a great deal of service to remember that.

Sarcasm, satire, and snark just seem to spew from my being. I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but who can refuse coffee? ?

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