Is President Bannon Doomed?

By Jason Taylor

Steve Bannon is emblematic of all that is wrong with the White House: chosen as a confidant by a man who can only work with sycophants, a useful tool used during the campaign to energize a truly despicable portion of the American electorate, and now deemed disposable when he had no place anywhere near the White House and levers of power. A small, hateful man operating above his station.

What is slowly becoming clearer and clearer is that Trump is not really in charge of anything and has no real ideas of his own other than self-aggrandizement and self-preservation. The presidency is in the hands of whoever is willing to step forward to get him out of a jam. His wild pivot toward denouncing the white supremacy segment of his followers will have serious repercussions among the most energized folks in his base. Even they couldn’t have missed that he’s beginning to come apart at the seams. This isn’t going to end well.

I laugh every time I hear Bannon called a “populist”. Or Trump, for that matter. A real populist is of and for the needs of people, but that doesn’t mean carte blanche incorporation of the ‘people’s worst ideas.

In fact, I think “populist” is code for a bigot. If you study Bannon’s views — his ultra conservative Catholicism (certainly not practiced), his vision of a coming apocalypse and war between white Christianity and Muslims — as well as his reading matter, you can see an amalgam of the Middle Ages, Stephen King, and Machiavelli.

The alt-right crowd adds nothing to America,. It’s a sick philosophy of us against them, tolerance of white supremacy, and end always justifies the means.

But while Bannon is committed, along with Gorka and Miller, to this hardline ideology, Trump — ever the opportunist — isn’t.

He might find it hard to fire him — how telling he’s afraid of what Bannon might tell the world, more important than a smoothly functioning White House. But eventually, he’s going to have to banish this nut-job trio out of the White House and back to Breitbart where they belong.

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